Making Our Angel Proud: Fans Fundraise for LGBTQ+ Community With ‘The Castiel Project’

Alright, fam, I thought I was going to be taking a break from writing about Supernatural for a while…but once again the fandom proves that we are a family, and I wanted to share something beautiful that is happening in the fandom right now.

After the finale aired this past Thursday, a few SPN fans (on Twitter: @hellerupdates, @crowleybeans) started a fundraising campaign to benefit The Trevor Project in honor of Castiel and the representation that he brought to Supernatural. Over the past two days, The Castiel Project has raised over $28,000, with more people donating by the minute.


The Trevor Project is a non-profit that serves at-risk LGBTQ+ youth, and is one of the organizations that I contribute to regularly because of its importance, especially now, when the a judge appointed by the Trump Administration has overturned a ban on conversion therapy. This is an important time to support causes like The Trevor Project, and to do so because of Castiel proves that the legacy of the show we’ve loved and obsessed over is, well, love. Love is more powerful than hate, as Supernatural and Castiel showed us many, many times, and in a year like 2020, this is more important than ever to remember: love trumps hate. 

Castiel’s legacy to the show is representation and validation to our community, and I can’t think of a more beautiful way to show how much he’s meant to us than by supporting our LGBTQ+ youth. I wish I had more eloquent words to talk about the legacy of Castiel and his affect on the fandom, but Stands said it much more eloquently than I could in this tweet:

If you were moved by Castiel’s sacrifice at the end of season 15, or you just want to show how much you love our angel, I encourage you to support The Castiel Project by donating or sharing on social media. This is a movement put together entirely by fans, and honestly? It’s that kind of community that has kept me in the fandom even when the show disappointed me.

Thank you, Castiel and Misha Collins, for inspiring so much love and community. That is truly the best legacy that Supernatural could have.