“Star Trek” turns 54 today—and is still boldly going

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54 years ago, Star Trek beamed into living rooms across the United States with the premiere of its first regular episode, “The Man Trap.” No one expected it to become a defining staple of modern science fiction or the inspiration for real-life technology—and certainly, no one thought that it would spawn three film series, seven additional television shows, and comic books. But after five decades, Star Trek is still boldly going…and shows no signs of slowing down.

Star Trek Day is a day for fans of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate this beloved and groundbreaking enterprise. CBS is hosting virtual panels, Twitter charity campaigns, and free streaming of episodes for US residents/people with VPNs. Check it out here!

You can also access some content like TOS, TNG, and Star Trek: Beyond via Amazon Prime. Or, you know, break out your VHS tapes and go old school.

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Live long and prosper!