Fanfic Wednesday: “In His Care”

In His Care” by

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/ John Watson
Word Count: 20,903
Warnings: Covid-19 related illness

Author’s Summary

It was only a matter of time. John knew that from the start. Now, he stared at the read-out on the thermometer before examining his reflection in the bathroom mirror. A glassy blue gaze stared back at him from beneath the dishevelled nest of his hair. Dark shadows smeared their warpaint beneath his eyes and his skin had an unhealthy, greyish tinge.

John catches Covid-19, and it’s up to Sherlock to take care of him within the sanctuary of Baker Street.

My Thoughts

I’m actually surprised that it took me this long to succumb to fics centered around the Very Present Problem of COVID-19. In this story, John catches the virus at work and must quarantine himself for the duration of his illness. Sick and feeble, he relies on Sherlock to take care of him. Sherlock is, surprisingly, very up to the task.

This fic is a great combination of post-S3 reunion feels with the good old caretaker trope. I love how beautifulfiction wrote Sherlock in nurse mode, and I think you will too. Although at first it seems like Sherlock is only interested for research purposes, it becomes very clear to them both what has already been obvious to us—Sherlock cares deeply about John’s wellbeing, and not just because they’re friends. One guess as to how the story ends.

Read this if corona’s got you down and you want a sweet pick-me-up that also has a healthy dosage of cuddling.

-The Collected Mutineer