Weta Workshop Delights LOTR Fans with Comic-Con@Home Reveals

Tolkien fans rejoice! The Weta Workshop has come through for Lord of the Rings devotees once again. SDCC may have been held “from home” this year, but that didn’t stop our favorite talented artists from bringing the magic of Middle-earth right to our living rooms.

With a “virtual booth” hosted on the Weta Workshop website, the special effects and props company revealed new collectible items alongside special feature videos where artists chatted about past, current, and future projects. Here are the reveals that made us check our bank accounts for castars.

Arwen and Eowyn Mini Epics

These small statuettes have finally made their way into being from the big screen! They’ll be available for purchase later this year. If you’re new to the Mini Epics series, you should know that Galadriel is already available!

Gandalf the White

This stunning 1:8 scale statue of Gandalf the White is available for preorder. And the best part? It was designed to as a partner piece to the statue below…

Witch-King of Angmar

Imagine the Witch-King of Angmar statue sitting right across from Gandalf, locked in this epic battle. The Witch-King is also available for preorder.

Smaug Mini Epic

All the Mini Epics are great, but this little Smaug is so adorable—uh, I mean frightening…? This is the first Mini Epic character directly from The Hobbit and is also the largest Mini Epic to date.

Thranduil the Woodland King

And we’ve saved the best for last. Feast your eyes on this stunning piece, Thranduil on his throne stands at 1 meter tall and is their largest 1:6 scale statue.

To help you see just how massive that scale is, here’s a comparative photo of the talented crew who worked on this statue.

Thranduil won’t be available to order until 2021, but you can sign up to be notified of its release here.

Namárië, friends.