Comic-Con@Home showcases “The Capture” and “Brave New World”

Have you downloaded the Peacock app yet? If you haven’t, NBC Universal’s Comic-Con@Home panels just gave us two pretty great reasons—The Capture and Brave New World.

Do you trust what you see?

Fans of British crime dramas are sure to be riveted by The Capture. Originally shown on BBC One last year, the well-received series is now exclusively available on Peacock. In modern-day London, where CCTV is not only common but rampant, a former soldier is accused of a crime he swears he did not commit—but he was supposedly caught on tape. In a world where digital manipulation reigns and facial recognition software is on the rise, can you believe so-called proof? Who and what can you trust?

Everybody happy now!

Aldous Huxley’s dystopian classic has finally been adapted as a scripted series. For those unfamiliar with the premise of Brave New World, it is at its core an imagining of a future world where the illusion of peace and stability is enforced with drugs that make citizens happy and complacent. Gone are the ideas of history, personal privacy, and even family. Often compared with 1984Brave New World explores indoctrination, nature versus nurture, and the human right to emotion.

Both The Capture and Brave New World are currently streaming on Peacock.