A quick and dirty guide to Comic-Con@Home 2020

Not even a pandemic can keep nerds from being, well, super nerdy. Although conventions around the globe have been canceled and postponed, the world-famous Comic-Con International (AKA SDCC) is coming right to your living room this week from tomorrow, July 22, through Sunday, July 26. Oh, and did we mention that since it’s not taking place in San Diego, everyone can enjoy the content regardless of badge status?

The Collective Crew hasn’t missed SDCC since we were blessed with press badges back in 2015, and we aren’t about to stop now. Keep reading for the scoop on what to expect from this year’s Comic-Con@Home!

How a virtual con works

But how does a “convention at home” work? you may ask. From what we learned based on our WonderCon@Home experience and from announcements on the Toucan Blog, it’s not that different from a regular con (save that you don’t have to spend tons of money on a hotel or overpriced food or wait in long lines). In essence, attendees will get to experience:

  • Wednesday-through-Sunday programming, including digitally presented panels. In fact, there are over 350 separate panels spread across the five days, so there’s definitely something for everyone. To be sure you don’t miss the panels you really want to see, check the schedule and make your own list using MySchedule. Also please note that according to SDCC announcements, “The majority of our panels will also be available AFTER the July 22-26 dates, although there are some that may have a limited time period attached to them.”
  • Interactive Exhibit Hall floor-plan with virtual Artist Alley. Just like the real thing, this will go live on Wednesday and close on Sunday. Here we’ll be able to find company “booths,” products for sale, promo links, and more. Just like in person, you probably won’t be able to see it all with one click, so try to spread it out over the five days.
  • At-home challenges, so that you’re not just sitting in front of your computer the whole time. These include but aren’t limited to a cosplay challenge, which hello, there’s no excuse not to dress up in your own house. In fact, now is the perfect time to put on that one costume you always wanted to bring to a con, but didn’t for whatever reason.
  • Games, games, and more games. There will be over 40 different game titles and events for you to experience for free on various different platforms. (They will be coordinated through the Comic-Con Discord server here.) Check the game schedule to make sure you don’t miss anything!

What we’re looking forward to

Our schedules are overflowing…but here’s what we’re most excited for!

  • Virtual Masquerade Costume Competition
  • Wonder Women: Superstars of Paranormal
  • Zoom in Xadia: The Dragon Prince
  • 20 Years of DeviantArt
  • Latinx and Native American Storytellers
  • The Boys Season 2
  • Charlize Theron: Evolution of a Badass
  • Constantine: 15th Anniversary Reunion
  • Syfy: Wynonna Earp (EARPERS, REJOICE!!!!)
  • Motherland: Fort Salem: A World of Magic, Action, and Intrigue
  • Women on the Dark Side
  • Villains, We’re Misunderstood!

Tips to make it feel authentic

  • You know that souvenir book that you lug around the whole weekend and only read when you’re waiting in line and everyone else has gone to get snacks? (Just me? Okay.) Well, this year you can download the souvenir book, save some trees, and enjoy it at your leisure. Click here to get your copy.
  • It just isn’t SDCC without that badge. The oh-so-coveted ticket to the kingdom of nerds, which this year is available to anybody who wants it. Print your own and display it proudly!
  • Support your favorite artists (and probably spend way too much money). If you’re like us, a highlight of SDCC is buying art each year and trying our best to keep it from getting crumpled in the increasingly heavy con-bag. Lots of artists depend on conventions for extra income, so be sure to buy what you would in person, only…you’re online and don’t have to push your way through the exhibit hall.
  • Exclusives are already making their presence known, such as these Funko items released on Amazon. Even if you don’t buy any exclusives, you gotta ooh and ahh over them. Listen, I don’t make the rules.
  • The Collective Crew somehow got through numerous years of SDCC without realizing that prize drops existed. But our eyes were opened last year, and well, it’s fun to be in the know, isn’t it? Virtual prize drops are being held by accounts like Parks and Cons on Twitter, so keep an eye out for these fun little side activities.
  • Want some additional hilarious tips that feel oh-so-true if you have ever attended SDCC in person? Check out Temple of Geek’s recommendations!

As always, we’ll be covering various panels and bringing you the best of SDCC. In addition to enjoying the convention yourself, be sure to come and hang out with us on Twitter! See you soon, collectors.