Does anyone else still watch fanvids?

I do. A lot.

Since social distancing started, I’ve been watching even more fanvids than I usually do—and am finding myself rather nostalgic for the heydey of my favorite TV shows. Fanvids are a wonderful way to immerse yourself back into a universe without having to binge the show in question from beginning to end, with the added bonus of good music and intriguing editing by other fans. Come down the YouTube vidder hole with me, friends!

Sherlock ◆ Control (Halsey) Fanvid

by MARVELous Fanvids

Sansa Stark || Little Bird

by H.J.M Edits

Doctor Who | I am the Doctor

by Beta Dottore

Merlin & Arthur | Sorry

by MockingJamie

► Eric Northman || Seven Nation Army

by Mashutai Sh