Fanfic Wednesday: “One Summer”

by The Collected Mutineer

One Summer by

Pairing: Jamie Fraser/Claire Beauchamp
Word Count: 69,575

Author’s Summary:

A rotting bed and breakfast bequeathed upon an unemployed doctor set on doing it herself. A pesky gray cat who becomes the bed and breakfast’s first guest. A red-headed hardware shop owner bound to the Highlands.

A touch of real-life summer magic, but can it become more?

My Thoughts:

One of my favorite tropes in fanfiction (or in any story, really) is when our main characters don’t intend to be in a long-term relationship…but of course, their fling grows into something else entirely. This fits perfectly with Jamie and Claire from Outlander, since in the original text Claire never means to fall in love with Jamie at all. This modern take on their love story revolves around a dilapidated renovation project—think Falling Inn Love on Netflix, but Jamie is the rugged contractor and it’s set in Scotland instead of New Zealand.

This fic is steamy, funny, and all-around a fun read while you wait for the next episode of Outlander. There’s also a fair amount of feels, but I think that’s to be expected with any Jamie/Claire story. One Summer is not yet complete, but there are 20 chapters of goodness awaiting you.