Fanfic Wednesday: “The Nature Of The Beast”

“The Nature Of The Beast” by AntiGravitas

Pairing: Original Percival Graves/Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them)
Word Count: 123,204
Warnings: NSFW

Author’s Summary

When Newt rescues a wounded jaguar, little does he know he’s carrying MACUSA’s own Percival Graves along in his case. Trapped in his animagus form, Percival just wants to get home and catch the guy that did this to him. By the time they reach New York, Newt has told his new jaguar familiar any number of secrets, and Percival Graves thinks he might be in love.

Unfortunately for him, Newt’s not going to react well to discovering his familiar’s true identity, and now Percival must find a way to convince him that he’s not just a sneaky bastard, and that dinner at eight really is a great idea.

My Thoughts

New year, new ship.

I can almost hear the collective groan from our long-time readers. “Really, Collectress, another HP ship??? We don’t even know what the real Percival Graves was like because we only see the polyjuiced Grindelwald!”

#sorrynotsorry. The heart ships what the heart ships, and right now, it ships the real Percival Graves (not Grindelwald!Percival)  and my beloved awkward magizoologist. And this fic has the sweetness of Newt helping a cursed Percival who’s stuck in animagus form, and the adorable bumbling persistance of Percival trying to get Newt’s affections. It’s the tender romantic comedy/magical case fic that I didn’t know I needed to start 2020.

I didn’t even mean to ship these two, and if you ask me, I couldn’t even tell you how I ended up on this pairing tag in AO3. But, here we are, and friends, it’s bad. I’m in real deep. I’ve read probably close to a million words in this pairing and I just can’t stop.

Personally, I blame Colin Farrell’s face for all of it.

Read if you’re a Gramander shipper, or if you want to try something new in the HP universe.