Blue Monday – Wonder Woman 1984 First Trailer has arrived!

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2020 is going to be a great year for female superheroes. We start the year with Birds of Prey. The summer kicks off with Black Widow. But what really has me thrilled is Wonder Woman 1984.

WW84 Diana
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2017’s Wonder Woman was one of my favorite comic book movies in recent times. Not because it stars a female as the hero, but it was optimistic. It was about Diana’s faith in the goodness of humanity and her great capacity for love. It made for a breath of fresh air from the cynical DC and wisecracking MCU movies.

Yesterday’s reveal of the first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer was very exciting for me. Set to a badass cover the best 80’s dance song, “Blue Monday” (even though it came out in 1986, not 1984), the first glimpse at WW84 is full of action, intrigue, and color. Check it out here if you haven’t already. Or be like me and watch it for the 100th time since it was released:


It is easy to make some guesses as to what the plot of WW84 will be based on this teaser, but the trailer doesn’t give away too much of what we are likely to see. Just teases us with it, as a good trailer should. No reveal of Cheetah. Hints at Wonder Woman’s famous invisible jet. Teases some amazing looking action sequences.

WW84 Diana and Steve
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The big question from this trailer, how is Steve Trevor back from the dead and is it really him? It was announced early Chris Pine was returning for the sequel, but many of us assumed it would be for flashbacks or a new character who is related to Trevor, maybe even a combination of both. But the trailer implies Pine will be portraying a resurrected Steve. The way the trailer is cut has me assuming the miracle of Steve Trevor’s return is at the hands of Max Lord (The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal) and a mysterious artifact he is shown holding.

The trailer also implies Lord, a wealthy businessman with ties to the supernatural, will be the primary villain of the movie. Kristin Wiig’s Barbara Minerva will be the secondary villain once she gets her Cheetah powers.

WW84 Max Lord
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All in all, I’m super excited about WW84. The 80’s setting is great. All of the colors seem to be turned to 11, especially on the look of Diana herself. The tease of her new suite was exciting. The mystery of Steve Trevor’s return seems like it will be an interesting plot device and not just a ham-fisted way of bringing back a popular actor. All of the Pedro Pascal!

What did you think of WW84 first look? Are you excited about the 80’s timeline or are you nostalgia out? Why do you think Steve Trevor is back? Sound off in the comments below!

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