Yes, I still love “Lizzie McGuire”

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by The Collected Mutineer
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I’m in my early 30s. And I still love Lizzie McGuire.

If you were a pre-teen or teenager in the early 2000s who was lucky enough to have parents who paid for the Disney channel, then you probably remember this show. Following the adventures of the titular character, Lizzie McGuire navigated that complex and often turbulent world of middle school (a time period that many of us know to be the worst social torture invented by humankind).

When Disney+ announced that not only would the entire series run of Lizzie McGuire be available to stream, but that Hilary Duff was returning for a new show in which she’s a 30-year-old apprentice to a decorator in the Big Apple, I just about died with excitement. That’s right, my girl Lizzie is a millennial with millennial problems in a world that for some reason hates millennials, and I literally cannot wait to see what her animated alter ego has to say about boomers.

But I digress. Here are my top three reasons why I can’t wait to rewatch the original series…this time, as an adult.

Alter-ego/animated-Lizzie is basically me

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If you’re unfamiliar with the show, Lizzie’s inner thoughts were narrated to the audience via her animated alter-ego. Animated-Lizzie was very different from regular Lizzie, who tended to be awkward, shy, and clumsy. Animated-Lizzie told us exactly what she was thinking and feeling. No holds were barred. No one was spared. She was basically me on the inside. And to hear my own thoughts on TV as a teenager seemed, well, almost revolutionary. (Did I mention I’m super psyched to hear grown-up Animated-Lizzie??)

We figured out life together

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I think one reason the show was popular then (and now, according to some reviews I read online) is that it dealt directly with real teen life. No superpowers or secret identities. Just a normal girl. Adolescence can really suck sometimes, especially when you have annoying family members, bullies at school, or a broken heart to deal with. These are just examples of some of Lizzie’s growing pains, things that I was experiencing at the same time in real life. The show also dealt with heavy topics that were often taboo at the time, like eating disorders and depression. In a lot of ways, Lizzie and I grew up together.

“what dreams are made of”

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Okay, I know this is in the realm of The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and not the actual show, but hear me out. The moment when Lizzie and Isabella exposed Paolo for the manipulative, lying, talentless dude he really was IS AMAZING. Not only does this scene show women banding together instead of being pitted against each other, but the song is, like….super catchy, okay? ALSO HER DRESS BECOMES BELL BOTTOMS. ICONIC.

What Disney show do you still find yourself thinking about? Let us know in the comments below!