Achievement Unlocked: 5 Impressive Video Game Replicas You Need to Check Out

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With so many video games out there that are based on combat role play, it’s no surprise that video game creators come up with unique and original weapons that make gameplay truly exciting. Tons of people have their favorite games and top weapons, and they’re willing to create amazing replicas for cosplay and display purposes. You can even buy fully usable, battle-ready versions of some of the most popular weapons — including swords and knives. From ranged pieces to melee weapons, here’s a list of some of the coolest video game replicas you need to check out!

Dark Souls Uchigatana

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Are you a fan of the best blade in Dark Souls? Uchigatana is undeniably cool with a number of slashing and stabbing movesets that ensure you look like a samurai from ancient Japan. You can get an awesome version of this blade online at Swords of Northshire. If you get Uchigatana here, they’ll deliver a full tang blade that has been hand forged using traditional Japanese smithing techniques. The blade is folded hundreds of times to create over 8,000 layers and comes with a black lacquered hardwood sheath.


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Lightsabers obviously didn’t originate in a video game, but there are a number of great video games based on Star Wars that utilize lightsabers in-game. The first game to use lightsabers was Star Wars: Jedi Arena, which came out way back in 1983. A more modern game that features these awesome weapons is Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

If you’re hunting down an amazing replica of Yoda’s lightsaber, you can find enhanced, glowing replicas on Amazon. This design includes five motion sensors to control the sound effects — the same effects that were used in the movie — and three more that detect movement and impact for incredibly accurate clashes.

Blades of Chaos

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As you start your journey of vengeance in the second God of War, you wield death using two huge blades that look like they could kill a rhino in one slash. The Blades of Chaos are permanently attached to you but can be affixed to chains that allow you to hit distant targets. A close combat weapon that can also be used as a ranged weapon is already cool enough, but when it can also light your enemies on fire, now you have a blade that’s worthy of being held by Kratos.

These blades are so popular that you can find a number of versions on Etsy, ranging from small keychains to fully usable, life-size versions.

Portal Gun

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This gun is not technically a weapon, but it’s still a totally original piece of gameplay in Portal. Fire it to create portals that are used to solve puzzles, but you need to think outside of the cube to succeed on your journey to get the cake.

While any replicas you buy won’t be shooting actual portals, some of them do allow you to customize your piece with blue and yellow stripes. This one, available from Amazon, even has three modes that each have two colors and their own sound. You can toggle between each one to discover which of the LED effects you prefer.

The Golden Gun

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A gun so powerful that it can only be used in the bonus mission (Egyptian) where you found it, the Golden Gun is a high-risk weapon with a huge reward. It can only hold one bullet at a time and kills any enemy (with a few exceptions) in a single shot. In the multiplayer version of GoldenEye, you can get ahold of the gun in regular gameplay and kill anyone with just one hit.

Since the inspiration behind this gun comes from the 1974 Bond film, The Man With the Golden Gun, you can find replicas that have several features from the movie. A limited-edition version of the gun from Factory Entertainment is made from a fountain pen for the barrel, a lighter for the body, a cigarette case for the trigger, a cufflink that locks all the components together, and a single bullet.

So which is your favorite? As an avid gamer, you probably have your own list of favorite weapons and replicas. Share your top replicas today when you leave a comment below!

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