Three times Tom Hiddleston made me swoon (in just one interview)

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by The Collected Mutineer

It’s no secret that Tom Hiddleston is more than just the king of Marvel baddies; he’s also a well-read literature aficionado and an all-around amazing guy with a dedicated fanbase of “Hiddlestoners.” If you’ve been around this blog for the last few years, then you know that I count myself as an avid Hiddlestoner—so you can guess what happened when he sat down with Stephen Colbert for an interview about “Betrayal” on Broadway.

In just nine minutes, Tom managed to steal my heart all over again at least three different times. See if you can spot my swoon-worthy moments in this pot of Hiddlestoner gold.

Spoiler alert: he quotes Hamlet. Ye be warned. Gird your loins!

Ready to compare notes?

  1. Hamlet. Hamlet. Hamlet.
  2. That little secret smile when he hears the name “Loki”
  3. Who wants to play Big Booty?

Okay, let’s be honest, I’ve got more than three…what are yours? Let’s swoon together over on Twitter. ❤