Fanfic Wednesday: “Turns Out, I Have a Rose Garden”

Turns Out, I Have a Rose Garden” by betheflame

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (Marvel)
Word Count: 52,727

Author’s Summary

President Steven Grant Rogers was gearing up to run for president again and he had yet to deliver on his major campaign promise from the first term: reverse the effects of climate change by at least 40%. Luckily for him, billionaire genius inventor Tony Stark had just the technology to do it.

Less luckily for Steve, he was totally into Tony, who had no idea Steve was gay because essentially no one knew Steve was gay. If Steve has to choose between a second crack at the office or a first crack at true love, which one wins?

My Thoughts

Hi, my name is [redacted], and I’m addicted to MCU fanfiction.

In other words, I’m back on my sh*t and I’m not sorry about it.

If you’re like me, and are a Stony shipper and are still recovering from Avengers: Endgame, welcome to my house of feels.  Here we have fluffy AUs where nothing hurts!

AUs such as “Turns Out, I Have a Rose Garden.” Imagine a world where Steve Rogers is president of the United States instead of…well, let’s not go there, but if you need a minute to have that fantasy, go ahead and take it. Imagine a world where Steve is still Steve (but the president) and Tony is still Tony and somehow they meet and fall in love and Peter Parker is their son and NOTHING HURTS.

Sorry…I’m suffering from Endgame trauma, which means that AUs that give happy endings (not that kind…or maybe a little bit that kind) to our OG 6 (especially Tony Stark) are my raison d’etre. If Tony Stark is happy, I’m happy.

This fic is something I desperately needed after Endgame and well…life. If you suffer the feels that I feel, then please, read this. It will do you good.