Shipping 101: My Top 5 Jamie/Claire Moments

Welcome to Shipping 101

Welcome, class, to a new ship.

Okay, it’s not new. It’s been around since 1991 when Diana Gabaldon published the first tome in the Outlander series—which has become a huge phenomenon partly thanks to the STARZ adaptation beginning in 2014. But it’s a new ship to me, and I’m basking in its discovery. I’m talking, of course, about Jamie and Claire Fraser.


I could write at length about their star-crossed love story (that quite literally spans centuries), but part of the appeal isn’t just the beautiful way they are portrayed in Gabaldon’s books. Their chemistry was brought to life by Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, and they can show you Jamie and Claire’s connection far better than I can tell you about it. Without further ado, here are my top five (safe-for-work) Jamie/Clare moments as portrayed in the TV series!

*proceed with caution, as there are some spoilers ahead* 

Jamie shares his plaid with Claire

Decision at the stones

Claire brings Jamie back from the edge

Jamie prays over Claire

“I have burned for you”

Of course, I have other top moments (bathtub scene in season 4, anyone?) but many clips aren’t readily available…and/or are very, very, very NSFW.

If you’re new to this ship like I am, I hope this inspires you to keep shipping! If you’re a tried and true shipper, what are your own favorite scenes? Share them with us in the comments section, or over on Twitter. And if you’re totally unfamiliar with Outlander by chance, seasons one and two are available to stream on Netflix. (It’s got time travel, strong women, and hot dudes in kilts…in case you needed more convincing)

Until next time,

The Collected Mutineer

P.S. I kept misspelling “Jamie” as “Jaime.” Damn you, Game of Thrones.

P.P.S. If you are, indeed, new to this time-travel-sci-fi-romance world, please proceed with caution as there are some triggering scenes throughout the series that deal with rape, dubious consent, and violence.