Well, now that I’ve (almost) recovered from the emotional shock of Endgame, it’s time for me to stop gearing up for the fall season of movies. I’ve spent the last hour on YouTube catching up on film trailers, and I’ve got a few to share. Tell me in the comments which films you’re looking forward to the most!

The Addams Family–October 11

It’s the most dreadful time of the year, and the new The Addams Family movie releases a few weeks before the spoopiest holiday of the year. Starring the voice talents of Charlize Theron, Oscar Isaac, Chloe Grace Moretz, TV’s Moira Rose and more, this film like de-frightful.

Zombieland: Double Tap–October 18

Can you believe it’s been ten years since the first Zombieland movie premiered? Zombies may seem kind of old hat now that The Walking Dead is entering its TENTH season, but for me, ZL was a solid compatriot to Shaun of the Dead, and if there’s one thing I love in film, it’s the combination of sarcasm and killing zombies.

Last Christmas–November 8

The universe must know that my heart–which completely belongs to Emilia Clarke–needed to see her in a rom-com opposite Crazy Rich Asian‘s Henry Golding. Emma Thompson also has screenplay credit AND Michelle Yeoh is signed on so…sign me the f*ck up. I have a feeling that the Khaleesi of my soul is going to make me cry, and I don’t even care.

Give me the holiday cheese-fest that this trailer promises the film to be, and I will die a content woman.

Jumanji: The NExt Level–December 13

Okay, 1: RUBY ROUNDHOUSE is back.

2. Awkwafina in ALL THE THINGS.

3. I am certain that this film will make me laugh until tears stream down my face. I may even pee my pants a little bit.

That is all.

A Hidden LIfe–December 13

This film from Terrence Malick is obviously Oscar bait, but that won’t stop me from seeing it. It revolves around the true story of a conscientious objector in Nazi Germany, and it if it anything like Malick’s past works, it will be philosophical, and probably incredibly timely.

LIttle WOmen–December 25

I have a lot of love for this book, and for the 1994 film version starring Winona Ryder, so I am very much looking forward to this film. It’s also obviously Oscar bait, but I’m really keen on seeing Greta Gerwig’s interpretation of the film. Very high hopes for this one.

DId you really think I wouldn’t talk about Star Wars?

Yeah, I know I’ve talked a lot about Star Wars, but….c’mon. It’s the end of an era.

And, let’s be honest…I’m going to see the film at least five times in cinema. Might as well get everyone else as hyped as I am.

May the Force (and flm season) be with you.