Fanfic Wednesday: “do androids dream of party games and war stories?”

do androids dream of party games and war stories?” by quiet_lights

Pairing: Nebula & James “Bucky” Barnes (Marvel)
Word Count: 2805

Author’s Summary

“When was the last time you did something for yourself?” he asked.

“I…” she searched through her memory banks and came up blank. “I… don’t remember.”

/in which Bucky patches up Nebula after the final fight and they talk

My Thoughts


I have read a lot of fanfiction in the four months since Avengers Endgame was released in cinemas.

And I mean a lot.

That movie left me overloaded on emotions, to the point where I feel kinda like Nebula…more robot than human.

This fic is short but it’s one of the many things I *wish* they’d found time to include in Endgame. Nebula is such a wonderful character because we’ve seen her develop her humanity and learn to connect with (and care about) others. Bucky is a man recovering from trauma, and learning who he is and how he relates to the modern world. So this story is a wonderful “what if we’d seen Bucky and Nebula have a conversation?” I imagine that this is pretty much how it would have happened.

And also, this fic has Nebula playing paper football, the game Tony taught to her on the Benatar, and if you thought I’d make it through any write-up about Marvel without crying over Tony Stark, you’d be wrong.

Read if you don’t mind a Marvel rare pair and Endgame feels.