#MondayMotivation: Positive News

If I didn’t believe in the importance of being aware of what’s happening in the world, my phone would be free of news apps. Breaking news notifications often cause me to question positive occurrences, as though the magic of such discoveries is nothing more than a beguiling illusion. You know the look on my face. It’s the same one Aziraphale wears in Good Omens.

6f33b05f2a5dbcafd92579e3c0a26126Today, my Power of Positive Thinking app told me to “welcome every morning with a smile,” at the same time I received a notification alerting me (again) about Epstein. Corruption, mistrust, turmoil…these are old stories. Thankfully, Elephant Journal rescued me from an irreversible, downwards spiral when my inbox presented: Positive News Sites & Apps for the Weary News Consumer. Thanks to Elephant Journal, Good News Network gained a new follower on Twitter.

We may have a plethora of reasons to question what the hell is happening, but not everything is ash and ruin. Setting aside the weight of exhausting information, at least for a while, might clear our field of vision enough to see a brighter picture. May these (positive) news sites provide your day with a little more hope.






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