Geek Chic: Lorica’s Historically Fashionable And Eco-friendly Athleisure Wear

If you’re a fan of history and eco-friendly fashion, gather ’round children and let me tell you about Lorica, aka, the modern girl’s way to dress like Joan of Arc and slay her day.

Lorica was started in 2017 by Elena Hutchinson, who initially launched the idea in a Kickstarter campaign. Since then, she has created a line of athleisure wear for men and women (including plus sizes) that are modelled after suits of armor.

Photos courtesy of Lorica

How freaking cute is this dress inspired by King Henry VIII’s armor? It’s Lorica’s newest design and I’m in love with it. The Mutineer and I were just saying that we could use some body armor for those godawful work meetings that we suffer through, and well, Lorica is here to actually give you armor that you can wear to work or the gym, or even if you’re just at home binge-watching Outlander.

In addition to being awesome af, the company also uses recycled plastics to create the polyester used in their clothing (about 25 recycled plastic bottles go into each pair of leggings!). AND, each item is made by female-owned businesses!

Photos courtesy of Lorica

Um, sign me the eff up, please.

“Traditionally an icon of male authority and power, the adaption of armor for women is an extraordinary part of the brand.”

It’s not often that you find clothing that is as set on empowering the wearer as these designs. I’ve always wanted to wear a suit of armor, and Lorica gives me the opportunity to…without legging around a couple dozen pounds of metal and the potential of rusting.

photos courtesy of Lorica

I’m very much in love with their leggings, and as soon as the next pay period rolls around, I’m gonna snag a pair. And probably an armored skater dress too so I can roll into my next staff meeting like my office’s badass Brienne of Tarth.

It’s nothing less than we women warriors deserve.

You can find Lorica on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.