Agents of SHIELD Recap – “Collision Course (Part II)

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By The Nerdling

Loyalties are tested, mysteries deepen, someone surprising makes a touching sacrifice, and so much more crazy


Thoughts Because of No Time for a Recap

I’m skipping recapping the episode this week, mostly because I didn’t get to watch this episode earlier this afternoon. It has been a busy few days. But another reason I’m skipping the recap is there was so much happening in this fantastic episode that I want to breakdown the highs and what could be in store next.

E09 Daisy killing the shrikes
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First of all, Snow asking “are all the females on your planet this powerful?” followed by May’s stoically awesome “Yes” was really a beautiful moment for me. I know scenes like those can be pandering for many (see the many, many, many debates about that moment from Avengers: Endgame), but they don’t bother me so much. This series has really allowed its female characters to have an incredible amount of strength and badassery in various ways. It makes me super happy when it is acknowledged and is very earned.

I feel for Snow. She may be a bit psychotic, but I don’t know if she deserves to be locked up as Daisy wanted. I feel like she is a product of her time with Sarge and working with SHIELD would be best for her to get those stabby tendencies under control. I feel like May and Deke will successfully lobby Mac to make her a part of the SHIELD family.

Speaking of family, everyone is finally reunited! Mac’s hug of “Turbo” was such a wonderful sappy moment. Especially after Fitz picked Mac to be his savior in the cerebral machine.

The attempted bonding between Fitz and Deke was hilarious. I like this Fitz’s reaction to Deke more. He seems to be more patient with his overzealous grandson. And he is drinking a Zema! Deke’s enthusiasm to have this Fitz is everything.

Mac finally admitting his mistake in breaking up with Yo-Yo just continues my love of this character. He realized if he knows Yo-Yo is able keep herself safe in a bad situation, then she would be able to handle whatever anyone throws at her for dating the big boss man. His apology was perfect and so happy they are back together.

E09 Jaco
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I feel like I should have seen Jaco’s sacrifice coming, but it really surprised me when he picked up the bomb and said he was going to finish the job. While, the moment was beautifully touching, it bums me out that character is gone. He is incredibly likable. Also, I love gentle giants and his bond with Yo-Yo was a great friendship that could have been built on.

Okay, on to the bigger what-the-hell-is-happening moments.

Daisy may have quaked the shrikes, but was that all of them? It didn’t seem like it, but that may have been more about budget for the episode.

I knew something was going to happen to Davis when he let Jaco talk him into going after Inez. Now what happened exactly, we are not sure. My guess is Inez can possess people. To get herself safely off the ship, she took over Davis’s body. His falling asleep at the end (at least that is what I’m hoping happened to him) was the result of her leaving him and possessing May.

Speaking of May, that ending was very much not expected. The mystery of Sarge was really getting interesting and now May shot him up. At least now we can get an autopsy on Sarge and see what’s really up.

Sarge remarked Inez removed his memories of his loved ones after she massacred them. Inez fires back he never had those memories in the first place. It is inferred someone told him about his family and their death to make him willing to go after her.

E09 Sarge
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This is a fascinating thought. Was Sarge created (from Coulson’s DNA) to hunt down Inez? If that is true, who made Sarge?

I really enjoy there being another layer to this mystery. The possibility there is someone else out there who is a foe of Inez and is willing to create vengeful people willing to sacrifice anything to hunt her down.

“Collision Part II” had a season finale feel to it, so much so I went to IMDb to make sure there are 13 episodes in this season. With the reunion of everyone and the seemingly defeat of the shrikes, there was a sense of resolution to this week. Thankfully the epilogue came in with a hell of a cliffhanger. While it seems put the story of Sarge to a close, I think we are only scratching the surface with his mystery.

Next week looks to hopefully give us more answers and begin to set up a new thread to the storyline.

Till Then!

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