Agents of SHIELD Recap – “Collision Course (Part I)

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FitzSimmons, Izel, SHIELD, and Sarge’s team are all heading toward a catastrophic impact with one another. And not metaphorically.


Almost Home, But Not Out of the Woods

Wasting little time, Fitz gets the transport ship ready and the crew makes the jump to Earth’s moon. FitzSimmons are thrilled to be back. As Jemma succinctly put it, we are getting “sick of space.” But the two Terrans are having a difficult time repairing the ship’s communication panel, making it impossible for them to contact SHIELD.

E08 FitzSimmons and Izel
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Izel tells Fitz and Jemma about the monoliths she is searching for. Before Fitz can say anything, Jemma informs Izel last she heard they were held on Chronica II. Izel had already searched there, but it was too late. The planet was destroyed by those who took them. Her crew was killed in the fray. Jemma tells Fitz the monoliths were on Earth but destroyed by Hydra when they attacked the Lighthouse. She didn’t want Izel to know just then since it would interfere with them getting home.

As they try their best to get communications open, Izel gets busy hatching new shrikes (so happy the writers didn’t even attempt to draw out the mystery of if she is the creator) and infecting the rest of the crew. As they enter Earth’s atmosphere, FitzSimmons sense something is wrong as Izel and the zombified crew line up for an attack.

“I don’t speak vague”

Mac may have promised to release Sarge’s truck and crew to him, but it is not without stipulations. Like Jaco and Pax are to stay behind with Daisy and May replacing them. Much to Snow’s delight, Deke also is added to the crew when Sarge needs a shrike repelling device repaired. Sarge is peeved at Mac but gets him to agree to stay on base and out of the way.

Mac forgot to mention the Zephyr is the base he and the rest of SHIELD were planning on staying. In hopes of getting more answers from them, Mac brings the contained Jaco and cuffed Pax. Jaco remains clam while taking his breathing treatments. Pax is a bit twitchier about following Sarge and gives vague warnings Yo-Yo and Mac that they are heading into certain death. Since Pax and Jaco can’t or won’t give him a straight answer, Mac continues to follow Sarge.

In the meantime, they receive Benson’s findings from South America. Izel has been on Earth before as there are Incan carvings of her on their temples. They also carved out images of the monoliths. Benson found stories of Izel escaping from a dimension of fear and darkness. This does not give Mac the warm and fuzzies about her.

Collision Course

The shrike-infected people, sensing Izel is near, gather in an open field. The black crystalline begins to protrude from them and builds a tower.  While Deke is repairing the shrike repellant device, Sarge reveals his plan to May and Daisy. He is going to ram the tower before it becomes too powerful, then use a (possibly) magical sword to kill their creator.

E08 Pax and Jaco
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Pax kills a guard and releases Jaco from the Containment Pod. But their freedom is short-lived when Yo-Yo catches them off guard and gets them back under control. Pax finally confesses there is a bomb on board the truck. The bomb is so powerful it would blow a 200-mile wide crater in the Earth. It would vaporize the shrike, but would also take out a city nearby.

Sarge didn’t mention the bomb to May and Daisy, but they know something is up when Sarge puts the truck on autopilot and abandons the group. He leaves a bound-up Snow behind who confesses to the bomb plan. Deke finds the bomb as Sarge and Jaco use the door making device to get Sarge on the Zephyr.


Elsewhere in the episode, Enoch calls a fellow anthropological Chronicon for help in finding a new home for their race. The Hunter, who I just found out is called Malachi, wants to enter the cerebral fusion machine where FitzSimmons “minds” are still stored so he can solve time-travel and save Chronica II. I’m not sure how this story will play out or link up with everything else, but I’m happy to see Enoch is not fully out just yet.

The space and Earth stories finally link up in what was the most intense episode this season. It took a while to get there, but I really love how these stories are starting to collide (pun intended). And it begins the narrative of who is the true villain, Izel or Sarge? Both seem like ruthless monsters willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone in their way.

Izel and the shrikes are destroying worlds, they are the biggest threat for the moment. But Izel hints she knows what or who Sarge really is. If Izel is dealt with by the end of the season, is this a set up for Sarge to become the bigger villain for season 7?

E08 Daisy and Sarge
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Daisy at least made some headway with the doppelgänger. She found out Sarge had a family, but they were killed when Izel destroyed his home. Daisy also pressed Sarge as to why he and Coulson are identical on a molecular level. Sarge is dodging the question so far, but it is obvious he is curious about this as well. It just takes a back seat to revenge.

The back half of the season is really heating up to a massive confrontation which I hope doesn’t end quickly. I love the conflict of Sarge vs. Izel with SHIELD firmly in the middle trying to keep the devastation down to the minimum. Keeping these two destructive characters around gives the series a real feel of danger, much like the looming annihilation of the planet at the backend of last season.

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