Netflix and Chill: High Seas (Alta Mar)

by The Collected Mutineer

As a Spanish-speaker, I’m always on the lookout for media that reminds me of my summers spent with my grandparents in Zaragoza or Almería—that is, music or tv shows in Castellano. While Netflix does have a decent offering of Spanish-language shows, their latest endeavor is perhaps one of the most binge-worthy shows I’ve come across recently.

High Seas, or Alta Mar, tells the story of the Villanueva sisters whose father has recently passed away. It’s the 1940s, and if you know your history then it’s obvious why Eva and Carolina don’t have much reason to stay in their native Spain. Along with their beloved uncle and Carolina’s fiancé, they embark on a luxury liner headed for Brazil, where they plan to start new lives away from post-war Europe. But the ship holds a plethora of secrets—and when a young stowaway is murdered, a string of catastrophic events ensues.

Check out High Seas if:

  • You like murder mysteries a la Agatha Christie
  • You enjoy foreign language shows
  • You dig the 1940s aesthetic
  • Strong female characters are your jam
  • You’d like to practice your Spanish (trust me, it’s lovely in Castellano, so don’t turn on the dub unless you have to!)

High Seas is currently streaming on Netflix (and has already been renewed for a second season).