#motivationmonday: From the World Cup to Mulan, girl power is here to stay

by The Collected Mutineer

Yesterday felt like a big win for a lot of us—and I don’t just mean US soccer fans. Not only did the American team win the women’s Fifa World Cup against the Netherlands, but Disney dropped a massive trailer right in the middle of the broadcast that churned the internet into a frenzy: that’s right, the teaser for the live-action version of Mulan finally hit, and so far it looks incredibly promising.

I know, I literally just wrote some posts about how tired I was of Disney remakes—but hear me out. This film, which intentionally chose to make headlines along with the women’s soccer victory, appears to be doing everything right, not just for girls across the world but for under-represented Asian characters in the media. This retelling promises to tell the original story in a way that is true to its real-life Chinese heroine, without talking dragons or musical numbers. While some fans have expressed that they feel let down, many (like us here at the Collective) feel that these choices are not only honest but powerful.

Change isn’t just possible; it’s already here. Here are a few inspiring videos (including the aforementioned trailer) to show you just what I mean about this wave of girl power.