Agents of SHIELD Recap – “Toldja”

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Mac and Sarge mentally square off. FitzSimmons and Enoch end up back in Kitson.


“I was hoping maybe we could plan a fishing trip together”

Sarge and Snowflake join Jaco in the Lighthouse cell block prompting Daisy to nope out of the mission. Seeing not-Coulson is too much for her to deal with. She instead concentrates on getting the Zephyr up and running once again.

May advises Mac to use Coulson as an in with Sarge. Mac attempts this, but Sarge sees right through the gesture. Sarge and Mac engage in debates of leadership and value of life. Sarge doesn’t think Mac has what it takes to take down the shrikes or their Creator. Mac believes Sarge doesn’t value any life which is not useful to him.

He might not be too far off. Sarge did shoot Agent Fox in cold blood simply because Sarge considered him in his way. When he kills the shrikes, he makes no effort to save the infected person. And as far as SHIELD can tell, Sarge is letting Jaco die by refusing treatment unless Sarge is freed.

Of course, that isn’t true. Jaco took breathing treatments in the past because he normally breathes fire. And he happens to be Sarge’s escape plan. The two men didn’t count on the power of Quake. Daisy knocks out Jaco after he melts the door off of his cell.

E07 Mac, Deke, and Yo-Yo
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Sarge isn’t too concerned. Deke cracked Sarge’s tablet and have found two shrike infected people. May and Yo-Yo take two teams to capture the two people and bring them back to help them. Sarge promises by the end of the day everyone will be looking to him as their leader.

Before you can say “Bob’s your uncle,” the detainees inside the containment pod have broken free of their restraints and started shrieking.  Black crystalline begins to protrude out of their bodies into one another and start to break the containment pod. Yo-Yo shoots them, but it is not enough. May radios back to base wanting to know what to do.

Sarge warns they cannot jettison the pod. The shrikes feed on lifeforms and guess what the ground is full of. But that is all he will tell them unless Mac frees him. It is not until he learns Yo-Yo is in trouble that Mac caves into Sarge’s demands. Sarge tells him shrikes do not do well in the cold. Yo-Yo grabs oxygen for her and another SHIELD agent then opens the ramp. They are at a high enough altitude that the air outside is freezing. The shrikes disintegrate and the threat is over.

Sarge again warns there are more, “and their maker’s coming.” Everyone looks to Mac for what to do next. After a long pause, everyone, including Mac, looks to Sarge. “Told ya.”

“Not as much fun without the vapor trails”

Enoch’s first time using an Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc didn’t go quite as planned. It took them back from where it last was. Kitson. Fitz is pissed since he and Enoch are still wanted for cheating. Jemma is disappointed with how boring the place is without the psychedelics.

The three are quickly captured by Mr. Kitson, the ruler of the planet. Mr. Kitson sends Enoch to the brothels (“I do not know what I am feeling”) and puts Jemma and Fitz in a guillotine with another man who tried to steal a prostitute from one of Kitson’s brothels. Fitz, Jemma, and the third man compete to see who can hold up their super heavy blade the longest so it doesn’t decapitate them.

E07 Fitz, Enoch, and Jemma
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Jemma and Fitz are doing their best to hold up their blades when fate steps in. A red-headed woman overhears two of the people in the competition are Terran. She offers Mr. Kitson money to buy FitzSimmons. He refuses, stating the bets are already in. She puts a large knife at his back and tells him to end the game. Kitson pushes a button that causes the third man to let go and lose his head, then hands FitzSimmons to this new person.

The woman, Izel, needs a couple of Terrans to help her. She is heading to Earth to look for some artifacts. But she is short a ship and a crew. All she has is a jump drive. Lucky for her, Fitz knows of a space-slug transport in need of a leader. Izel and her big knife easily convince the crew to help her.

Enoch (freed from the brothel at the request of Fitz) decides this is where his journey with Fitz will end. He needs to get back to his people and find a new home for them. Before leaving, Enoch gives FitzSimmons a space-cellphone in case of an emergency.


It is pretty evident Izel is the shrike creator, right? It is just a little too obvious. That or she is the person who saved and trained Sarge. I doubt that though.

“Toldja” is a good episode and all, the dynamic between Mac and Sarge is a fascinating one. But it did nothing to progress the storyline and that is disappointing.

One last thing worth noting is Deke found out about the death of Fitz and feels this confirms his multiverse theory. It is super minor, but it feels like a sort-of tie into Spider-Man: Far from Home. Maybe Agents of SHIELD exists in a world where (Endgame Spoilers) 2015 Thanos was killed by the Avengers, thus unable to get all of the stone and snap! Just my theory on how to not incorporate Endgame to the show.

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