Fanfic Wednesday: “You’ve Got Mail”

You’ve Got Mail by gth694e

Pairing: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson
Word Count: 15,136

Author’s Summary:


Agent Phil Coulson is determined to capture and recruit Hawkeye—a ruthless mercenary who never misses his mark. Clint Barton is the Amazing Hawkeye, who would rather be dead than in the control of a shadowy government organization.

They also happen to be and comic book nerds and best internet friends.

While Phil and Clint struggle against each other in real life—as Phil attempts to catch and flip the legendary assassin—over the internet, they fall in love.

(This is literally You’ve Got Mail re-done with Phil Coulson and Clint Barton.)

My Thoughts:

I’m so dorky. This fic had me hook-line-and-sinker when I saw it was inspired by the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan classic You’ve Got Mail. I love that movie. It is one of my favorites when I’m feeling blue and need cheering up (despite all of the flaws Cracked so lovingly pointed out back when their digital content existed).

Phlint is also my new favorite obsession. I’ve found many fics with the two men paired up, but they mostly end up being background noise to Stucky and Stony (two ships I also crew). It is always nice when I find a fic where Phlint is the main story.

Party Like a Hawkstar

And this one gives a heavy dose of the adorableness that is these two. They geek out over comic books. Give each other grief for being a city boy (Phil) and a country mouse (Clint). If you watch Agents of SHIELD, you know Phil Coulson is a huge nerd, but it has always been head-cannon for me that Clint Barton is pretty dorky as well. Mostly because Jeremy Renner comes off as a big goober in interviews and gag reels.

The first few chapters are dedicated to setting up the story and the online relationship of these two men. Chapter 4 is when the story starts to heat up. If you are familiar with the movie the fic takes its cues from, then you know what comes next. I am here for it! I’m expecting quite of bit of hurt/comfort, Clint didn’t exactly have the best of upbringings in the comics. And Phil is nothing if not compassionate.

In this fic, SHIELD, several of the characters from the movies, and Agents of SHIELD are used. Black Widow is also present. But as far as I can tell, superheroes and superpowers only exist in comic books. This one is based more in a reality where an agency like SHIELD is essentially like the CIA and NSA combined. Which is fine by me. It is also set in the year 2001, something I didn’t catch until a couple of chapters in.

Happy Reading
-The Nerdling