We’ve Collected Gaming!

It is the Collective’s ever-present mission to bring you new and interesting content from all areas of geek culture. Whether we fangirl over the latest Netflix hotness (we love a sassy devil), explore female and LGBTQ+ empowerment within subcultures and literature, or meltdown over The Avengers, we hope you’ve found a home here with kindred spirits who possess the same passions.

This is why we’re beside ourselves to finally announce a new blog section focused on gaming! Members of The Collective crew have been “gamers” since childhood, and we’re super stoked to share our adventures with you. Read on to find out what to expect in the coming months.

All We Are Saying is Give Games a Chance

The best thing about gaming is that it is truly for everyone. And it can be as intense or as mindless as you like! There are so many different types of games. Whether you play cards at family functions, attend virtual concerts and ride on rockets in Fortnite (what even is this game?), roleplay with friends, or just need a way to kill a few hours in line at the DMV, gaming is the perfect pastime.

Or in the case of Uno, friendship destroying. Just kidding, that totally never happened…
Image Courtesy of Mattel, Inc.

not a gamer? here are some reasons to convert:

  • Fun and engaging stuff to play by yourself, with a partner, or with a group
  • Apps or paper based games for when you’re bored, but don’t want complexity
  • Cool and influential people who game
Vin Diesel playing his witch hunter character Kaulder with the Critical Role Dungeons & Dragons crew.
Vin Diesel is so cool, he’s been playing Dungeons & Dragons for over 20 years.
  • surprising trivia and how to find games that resonate with your tastes
  • gaming-related books, comics, music, art, and food
Come to the dark side. We have cookies. (via Imgur)
Cake featuring Mario themes
We also have cake. (via Imgur)
  • awesome charities and events that help support worthy causes
  • Memes. So many memes. Loads of memes actually arise from within the gaming community, and more are being made every day.
Cake inside the game Portal.
Including memes that are cakes. Or is it cakes that are memes? Doesn’t matter, the cake is a lie.

We Love Games and We Don’t Care Who Knows

If you’re already flying the gamer flag loud and proud, we’re ready to join you. We look forward to discussing casual games you may not have run across before, and we’re excited to dig into unique gameplay and storylines that somehow make you want to both punch and hug your screen (or flip your table) at the same time…100% looking at you, Undertale.

Additionally, we’re looking forward to covering the following for you (and maybe with you?):

  • Diverse careers in the video game, tabletop, or board game industries
  • Streaming platforms and rad content creators with friendly communities
  • Conventions and special competitions
  • Game-related movies, TV and online shows
  • New games to get HYPED about
Keanu Reeves as Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077 E3 footage
Only 7 months and 23 days until Cyberpunk 2077!!! Are you excited?! You should be, it has Keanu. *hearteyes*

Hey, What’s That Behind Door Number Three?

If all of that isn’t enough, I plan on sharing adventures through games I’ve never played before (you’ll find me on the interwebs as “Zelwing”)—plus revisit all-time favorites—via in depth reviews, playthrough videos, and live streams. Possibly in cosplay, maybe with some friends. You never know. Should be worth the watch, even if only for the luls. Details on Youtube and Twitch content coming soon!

Are you ready to kick names and take ass with us?


Wait. What?


Let’s do this.


What’s your favorite game and why? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @collectivenerds.