Fanfic Wednesday: “Stimulus”


Pairing: James Flint/Thomas Hamilton
Word Count: 21,346

Author’s Summary

After ten years of separation and hardship, their hearts love each other the same.

It’s their bodies that need longer to settle.

My Thoughts

It’s rare to find an explicit fanfic in which there is little to no sex at all. In fact, that’s the point of “Stimulus,” which might be the most realistic piece of fiction I’ve read in some time. When James and Thomas are reunited post season 4 of Black Sails, they desperately want to sleep together after so many years apart. But having both been through hell and back, they’re encountering a problem or two. James can’t sustain an erection, while Thomas can’t seem to last more than a minute.

While most fanfics showcase the main characters copulating like rabbits and having absolutely no trouble at all—refractory period? what’s that?—this story is different. It explores a meaningful and loving relationship in the face of not always being able to have sex, no matter how badly the participants want to. James and Thomas build a life together that is beautiful to see…and bonus points for tons of cuddling. I just finished this story, and honestly can’t wait to read it again.

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