Agent Meh: A Review of “MIB: International”

By The Collectress

Remakes and sequels seem to be the theme of the summer movie season, and studios are counting on recognizable franchises, and stars, to bring in the dollars from all the kids on summer break.

Men In Black: International is the first of [too] many sequels or reboots this summer, and, well, aside from the star power, it’s, um…got a cute alien?

The film’s premise isn’t overly complicated, and it definitely follows the footsteps of its predecessors. It has a dedicated young woman, Molly (Tessa Thompson), who is determined to learn the secrets of the universe. She stumbles (kinda literally) into MIB, and becomes Agent M. She’s quickly transferred to the London branch (because new recruits always get transferred out of country, right?) where she meets Agent H. Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) is known for saving the world and…not much else. So naturally, she and he team up to save the world together. There’s also a mole within the agency, an ex-girlfriend who turns out to be a vicious weapons dealer, and an unnecessary opening fight scene between Agent H and three aliens.

Aside from the childhood nostalgia that comes with the MIB name, my anticipation for this film surrounded the onscreen reunion for Thompson and Hemsworth. They have fantastic chemistry (have you seen Thor: Ragnarok???) and I had such high hopes for their onscreen repartee and epic friendship.

Unfortunately, what I love most about them is exactly what is missing from this film. While they still undeniably work well together, the script didn’t really give them the opportunity to play off one another, to bring the zing and electricity that accompanied their prior collaborations. Only one scene uses their comedic timing to its advantage, and it was far, far, too short. And, one could argue that the true comedic hero of the film is Pawny (voice by Kumail Nanjiani), who never disappoints.

Technically, though, there is nothing wrong with the film. It is paced well, with action in the right places and cool alien-tech gadgets that make it worth seeing once.

The problem is that I left the film about an hour ago, and I’m already forgetting it. It seems that the film has fallen into the trap of so many other sequels and reboots…it’s just kind of ‘meh.’ Not bad, but not good enough for me to pay to see again.

MIB: International is now playing in U.S. cinemas.