#MotivationMonday: Heroes and Healers

CR: Calaveras County Water District
By: The Canadian

The creepiest fiction is often derived from nonfictional horrors. Monsters in our world, after all, fixated on consuming us long before the undead. News will have you believe the Earth is infested with calamity. Our attempts to combat the destruction? Ineffective. While I acknowledge real-life horrors exist, I’ve witnessed the countering impact of positive efforts, undeterred by atrocities. I also believe the heroes and healers of our world are more powerful than the Aveng—

wait, hold on…

holllllyyy sh*%!

We have BOTH?!

If you came across this post on social media, then you’re already familiar with the negativity that plagues our everyday. Before you embark on your digital detox however, here’s a reminder of the outreach, action, and overall positive transformations that are taking place.

We don’t need to see Vibranium, badassness, or a (glorious) backside—

to recognize our heroes. They are the bringers of the world’s kindest memories. Below are some mending movements led by human beings. I will not abandon hope, nor lose faith in the power of helping. Not while light is capable of reaching chasms of helplessness. Not while love remains steadfast. Not while there is healing work to be done. Who are these heroes and healers I mentioned? You. Me. Us.

Love Our Girls                                  

Via FanFest

Love is a verb. This is what actress and playwright Danai Gurira advocates in her campaign to Love Our Girls, “an awareness-building campaign focused on the plights of women and girls around the globe.” Take the pledge, and be sure to check out Danai’s other organization Almasi Arts.

Soul Pancake                                                                                                                              51ncxmrgsol._sx369_bo1204203200_

If you want extraordinary, this is the book for you. It’s full of big questions and clever challenges for consumption. Try “reverse pick-pocketing” (placing money inside someone’s pocket), then list the “5 Other Risks You Haven’t Had the Guts to Take Yet and Why.” I fell in love with Soul Pancake and its vision since page one. It’s now a major company, which utilizes various platforms to inspire people and make a difference. If you need a pick-me-up, Soul Pancake is one of those internet places we recommend.

Random Acts & Always Keep Fighting 

There’s not a lot I need to expand on when it comes to our Supernatural boys or the awesome work they do. But I did have a recent discussion with The Collectress about “Always Keep Fighting,” and how accurate that mantra is. We are doing a journal exercise,  writing down positive statements in place of negative ones. It’s a fight. It’s demanding and exhausting. For us, it requires daily “training”. But it helps. It pushes us forward.

Mental health and acts of kindness support one another. Doing something good makes us feel good, which strengthens us. These movements have generated a widespread community of support. You are not alone. Engage in a random act of kindness today and tag a friend!

Fuck Cancer   


Cr: Represent-StephenAmell

Founders Julie Greenbaum and Yael Cohen Braun had several things in common at the beginning: their own organizations, a shared brand (without knowing one another), and navigating traumatic circumstances. Later, they merged their organizations into the unified non-profit with an (ideal) name—Fuck Cancer. It’s a phrase that resonates with anyone who has been impacted by the disease. Their organization gained the attention of celebrities like Arrow’s Stephen Amell, who further raised awareness and funding towards the fight through Represent. From someone who has lost too many members of her family to cancer, including my mother and brother, I support their organization’s wrath upon the disease.

Life Rolls On   

One of my favorite documentaries is Step Into Liquid…and I have yet to try surfing. But this film brought all the good feels. Gratitude. Happiness. Inspiration. It was also how I discovered world champion surfer Jesse Billauer’s organization, Life Rolls On, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for (thousands) of people with various disabilities. Jesse moved onward from his accident to multiple awards and recognitions for both his sport and work. In Jesse’s words, “Your power is in your perspective, not your circumstance.”

Tree People

tree people
CR: Los Angeles Times

Saskatchewan’s prairie and the megacity of Los Angeles are both home for me. I discovered Tree People when I was researching Cal Poly Pomona’s Regenerative Studies program (I recommend visiting both; the Lyle Center at CPP is open to the public, but you’ll need a parking pass). Neither home has very many trees, and I LOVE trees! Tree People strive to change that in LA, in addition to educating and empowering the public to care for natural resources. In an environment like LA, one might wonder how you can even fit a tree (or a farm) into the layers of concrete that stretch between horizons. Tree People (and Regenerative Studies) have proven it’s possible.

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