Fanfic Wednesday: Three Flint/Vane fics

The past few weeks have been consumed with one thing and one thing only: Black Sails.

Seeing how much I love the history and lore of the golden age of piracy, I’m actually shocked that I didn’t watch this show while it was airing on Starz. But it’s never too late to become a fan, and I’m just a few episodes away from the season four finale. Of course, with a new fandom comes a burning need for fanfiction.


Because I’m me, I appear to have fallen in love with a somewhat uncommon ship: Captain James Flint and Captain Charles Vane. I don’t even think they have a pairing name (Vlint? Flane? Captain Squared?), but luckily I’ve been able to find some amazing fanfiction. Here are three of my favorites I’ve encountered thus far while delving into this new world. All three fics feature hate turning into something sweeter, reluctant admiration, and lots and lots of pirate booty.

via Tumblr

To Which Fate Binds” by

Pairing: Flint/Vane
Word Count: 33,065
Warnings: Rough sex, fighting, dubious consent

Author’s Summary

Flint and Vane are not friends and barely allies. But capture begins something that neither one is inclined to let go without a fight.

Or: There is a limit to the time assigned you, and if you don’t use it to free yourself it will be gone and never return. – Marcus Aurelius.

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The Days Still Left” by

Pairing: Flint/Vane
Word Count: 7274
Warnings: Drunk sex

Author’s Summary

Vane survives the hanging. This sparks the memory of something that Flint thought they’d both forgotten.

via Fanpop

Fight or flight” by

Pairing: Flint/Vane
Word Count: 2018

Author’s Summary

Or there’s always the third option…

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