Avengers Aside: 6 Comic Book Heroes Who Should Get Their Own Show/Movie

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by Katie Tejada (McDaniel)

The world of comics is full of compelling, relatable, and impressive characters. You’ve likely heard of the most popular heroes like Superman, Batman, Black Panther, Sailor Moon, Wolverine, and countless others. While these heroes are beloved household names for a reason, we could all stand to send a bit more love and appreciation toward other heroes and heroines who have what it takes to save our worlds and capture our hearts. Such heroes who deserve their own film or tv spotlights include:

1. Storm/Ororo Munroe

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The wondrous weather witch Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm, is one of the most powerful figures in the X-Men series, and she’s an alluring and inspiring character who should definitely get her own film. Descended from a line of African witch-priestesses and eventually recruited by Professor Xavier, Storm has used her power to control the weather to fight alongside the other X-Men and Black Panther. She was even married to the King of Wakanda for a brief time! There’s a lot of potential to explore all the nooks and crannies of Storm’s life and her connections to other Marvel characters. Fans deserve a Storm-focused series!

2. Medusa

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Medusa is the famed gorgon of Greek mythology and is usually framed as a villain in many forms of media, but Medusa’s story has all the makings of an incredible anti-hero’s journey. Medusa has been described as both beautiful and ferociously terrifying. She is known for having long locks of hair made entirely of live snakes, and one look into her powerful eyes is rumored to turn onlookers to stone. Medusa’s abilities, reputation, and legendary serpentine hair would be best explored in a TV show or film series. Until audiences get such a show, you can read an awesome, action-packed Medusa comic via Marvel.

3. Beast Boy/Garfield Logan

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At most conventions, you can expect to see a handful of people cosplaying as fringe characters, such as Beast Boy. Even though he’s a beloved member of the Titans team, Beast Boy’s life and backstory would make for a thrilling, heart-wrenching series. Imagine exploring Garfield Logan’s transformation from the child of scientists doing research in Africa into a hero who can shapeshift into any animal! That’s a story that we all want to see brought to life.

4. Krishna

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This Hindu deity has had thousands of incredible adventures, and tales of his power and influence are legendary. A series based on the epic trials, tribulations, and triumphs of Lord Krishna would draw fans worldwide who want to see a new take on beloved tales of the famed god of gods! River Comics is about to release a new comic detailing Krishna’s compelling adventures with the launch of their new motion comic app this summer, and this cinematic comic is one step closer to a film for Krishna!

5. Okoye and the Dora Milaje

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Ever since the release of Black Panther, Okoye and the Dora Milaje have captured the hearts of every Marvel fan. Their appearances in films always leave us aching for more! They’re the perfect subjects for a series or show of their own, Their fearsome battles and cries of “Wakanda Forever!” are the stuff of an epic series. Black Panther was a tremendous success at the box office, and its success is proof that audiences want more of Wakanda and the Dora Milaje too!

6. Princess Leia

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Princess Leia is an icon in the Star Wars franchise, and setting a show or movie around her adventures and from her perspective is what millions of fans worldwide want to see. Imagine watching Leia navigate her senate position and royal status from her point of view! The Star Wars comics offer lots of incredible storylines that would be great for a television or film adaptation. Leia Organa’s history has a lot of potential for riveting storylines and a Leia series can further expand our view of the world of Star Wars—and our impression of an iconic character.

With the world of comics growing on the big screen, maybe it’s time for filmmakers to branch out? Which hero would you like to see get their own movie or tv show? Let us know in the comments below!