Agents of SHIELD Recap – “Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson”

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By The Nerdling

Enoch and Fitz attempt to gamble their way out of a bad situation. Daisy and Jemma enjoy a nice trip.


Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal

Arriving on Kitson, the crew of the slug transport thank Fitz and Enoch by stranding them on the planet with only a gambling token to make their fortune. Enoch sees the situation as another adventure with his best friend, Fitz. The Scottish scientist doesn’t quite view this latest hiccup in his journey to the future that way.

E03 Fitz and Enoch Gambling
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Luckily, Enoch is a whiz at calculating probabilities and counting cards. He uses the gambling token to amass a pretty good size fortune. Unfortunately, Chronicoms don’t understand bluffing and Enoch loses them everything. The only two options left are the brothels or a game of blackjack where the payout is low, but the stakes are high. If Fitz loses the game, he will be sold into slavery.

Fitz is able to stay ahead with a little cheating from Enoch. The Chronicom counts the cards and emits a tone only Terrans can hear to let Fitz know to hit or stay. Of course, the hitch in the plan comes in the form of another group of Chronicoms.

Ladies’ Night and Hogwarts’ Houses

Jemma, Daisy, Piper, and Davis arrive on Naro-Atzia and learn they just missed Fitz from the rule-touting customs agents. They also find they are not the only ones looking for Fitz. A Chronicom bounty hunter was also waiting on the manufacturing planet for the SHIELD scientist. The group overpowers the Hunter and secure him in the cargo area and head to Kitson.

After tracking down the slug cargo ship, Daisy and Jemma head to the casino to find Fitz. But not before they along with Davis eat some candies. Enoch had warned Fitz the candies were not for Terran consumption, “especially on an empty stomach.” Daisy, Jemma, and Davis find out why. It sends the consumer on an acid trip.

E03 Jemma and Daisy Tripping Out
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While rolling, Davis witnesses the Hunter escape. Piper finds the Hunter in the control room after he shuts down Enoch (who emits a loud tone disrupting Fitz and outing him as a cheater) and sends a call out to other hunters. The other bounty hunters arrive at the casino to find Fitz. They instead meet a tripped out, but still lethal, Daisy.

Fitz reboots Enoch who realizes he has been terminated as a Chronicom. Enoch starts to question the meaning of life now he is no longer a member of the anthropology race. Fitz evokes their friendship to cheer Enoch up and help him escape.

Jemma and Fitz find each other in the chaos. But before the can be fully reunited, the Hunter appears and takes Fitz away.


The first two episodes of the season have been intense and full of mystery. So, it was nice to have a wild ride thru an intergalactic casino featuring odd drinks, psychedelic candies, high stakes games, and a much needed “ladies’ night” for Jemma and Daisy. There was a nice Guardians of the Galaxy/Thor: Ragnarok vibe.

It wasn’t a perfect episode. The Hunter’s storyline was a bit muddled. I do have hopes it will be an interesting plot point thru the series which could tie into the happenings on Earth and Sarge.

Chronicoms step in when someone is creating problems with the timeline, but why are they after Fitz? The Fitz who returned from the future is the Fitz they would want, right? The Fitz they are after is very much still within his own timeline. Also, wouldn’t Daisy and Jemma need to be on that list since they traveled back and forth thru time using a monolith and created a new timeline?

E03 Dancing Monkey Fitz
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With the confusion aside, seeing Jemma and Daisy tripping balls (with a dancing monkey Fitz!) and reaffirming their friendship was so very needed. Searching for Fitz put such a strain on them, they needed to bond in the silliest way possible to get back to the sisterly relationship they have developed over the years. Also, Jemma is a Ravenclaw like me! Not that I was ever in any doubt of that, but it is still nice to have her say it.

I don’t know how this show managed to trick me into thinking there was going to be a FitzSimmons reunion, but they got me. I should have expected the Hunter to come and take Fitz away after the cursed lovers found each other.

But going back to how this may tie in with Sarge and his merry band of Mad Max rejects…

The epilogue featured Sarge and Jaco using the PEG-powered gun I originally thought was a world-ending weapon. Turns out it helps the crew see where a group of somethings are on Earth.

Previews for “Code Yellow” see the Sarge going after Deke. Are Sarge and his crew like the Chronicom Bounty Hunters? Are they tracking down people who are out of their own timelines? If this is the case, then what is really going on in the video showing Sarge and his crew leaving a planet in the middle of destruction?

So many questions, so few episodes to answer them.

See you back here next week with hopefully a few answers!

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