Fanfic Wednesday: “A Second Life”

A Second Life” by framboise

Pairing: Sansa Stark/Oberyn Martell
Word Count: 33,061
Warnings: Sansa is aged up in this fic, but there is still an age difference between her and Oberyn. 

Author’s Summary

On the morning of Sansa Stark’s wedding to Tyrion Lannister, she is found dead in her rooms – skin cold to the touch, heart still, breath stopped.

Half a moon later, Prince Oberyn Martell returns to Sunspear with a flame-haired paramour, a northern bastard girl who goes by the name of Lyra Stone.

my thoughts


Leave it to me to find the rarest pairing and ship it harder than any canonical ship.

Maybe it’s because I really love Pedro Pascal, or because I have a deep and abiding appreciation for Sansa Stark, but one day I wandered into the Sansa/Oberyn tag and didn’t emerge until I had read every single fic (there are only about 100 so it didn’t take me too long).

My favorite GOT fanfic trope is someone rescuing Sansa out of King’s Landing before all the abusive sh*t she encounters on the show. Not only does Oberyn help Sansa escape King’s Landing, but she thrives in Dorne, and the thought of that makes me really happy.

This is a sweet fic with not-too-much angst, and it’s really the perfect remedy after that…interesting…GOT finale.

What can I say? I just want our Queen in the North to be healthy and happy….and maybe sunbathing with a hot Dornish prince.

Read this if you don’t mind rare pairs and you want a happy Sansa.