#thoughtfultuesday: 5 inspirational moments from GOT’s past

by The Collected Mutineer

Remember the days when Game of Thrones was good?

It might be hard to, in the wake of the disaster that has been episodes 4 and 5 of season 8, but today I find myself desperately trying to remember the show I once loved. You know, back before the writers threw character development, common sense, and a baby in bathwater out the window.

The show has had numerous flaws throughout its run, but it’s also embodied some of the most memorable and inspirational moments on television. In the midst of this trash fire, I choose to remember the good times. Here are five moments to give you a motivational boost.

Arya and Brienne spar

Jaime’s true role as the kingslayer

everything Lyanna Mormont

Tyrion tells the truth

Dany decides her own fate

There are, of course, many other epic and emotional scenes. Which is your favorite? Share with us over on Twitter.