So, You Need Cheering Up After this Last Weekend

By The Nerdling

This was a hell of a weekend for both Marvel and Game of Thrones fandoms. The two dominating franchises slapped us hard in the feels. It was almost a bit too much to handle in the span of a few days. Right now, we could all use a bit of laughter at the expense of our beloved fandoms. Luckily there are plenty of parodies, sketch comedy shorts, and SNL bits on the interwebs to give us that laugh we really need right now.

And don’t worry, there will be no spoilers here for either Avengers: Endgame or the recent season of GoT. (And the reviews I linked for both Endgame and GoT do not have spoilers either. Feel free to click away.)

“Batman Wants to Join the Marvel Universe” – Conan

Set in a high school cafeteria for comics, the Gotham City vigilante is jealous of all the fun he sees the Marvel table having and wishes to join them. But the popular supers are a little less than willing to give the Dark Knight a chance.

“Avengers Cast Reads New Thanos Children’s Book” – Jimmy Kimmel Live

Worried about how little kids would react to The Snap, the writers at the late-night show rewrote Infinity War into a children’s book. The cast of Endgame helps out with story time! And they have a few critiques of the story (and how Thanos looks) along the way.

“Black Widow Trailer” – Saturday Night Live

Only a scant three years ago, studios didn’t really know if a female-led superhero movie would be a hit at the box office (despite there being plenty of examples of women successfully kicking ass in theaters). While this SNL skit is satirical, it feels like there is a kernel of truth when it came to meetings about a possible Black Widow movie would play out.

“Team Thor” – Marvel Studios

Thor needed a little break during the events of Captain America: Civil War. He moved to Australia and gained a new roommate, Daryl. This is still one of the best One Shots Marvel produced. Here is hoping Phase 4 brings One Shots back.

Medieval Land Fun-Time World Extended Trailer – Bad Lip Reading

Eddie Stark is a theme park manager trying to get his band of ragtag employees ready for the grand opening in a week. Bad Lip Reading needs to do a part 2 for this. I need to know how Jimmy Whisper’s gravity boots are coming.

“The Real Housewives of Westeros” – Dirty Cues

I know, The Real Housewives of [insert popular thing here] has been done to death. But when done right, can be pretty spot on. Dirty Cues cast perfectly for this skit.

School of Thrones – Will Save Productions

Because why not set GoT in high school? Creator Zack Grafton reimagines the various families of Westeros as cliques with brilliant accuracy. Starks as hipsters, Lannisters are the popular crowd, Dany is the new “foreign” kid, and Joffrey is properly placed in the Lannister clique, where he belongs. There are only three episodes, but Prom arrived faster than Winter.

“Kit Harington Plays Out Leslie Jones’ Game of Thrones Fantasy” – Saturday Night Live

Leslie Jones is the freaking best. It is easy to tell she had the time of her life filming promos for the GoT star’s turn at hosting a few weeks back.


Feeling a little better now?

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