Thoughtful Tuesday: “Never Wanted to Leave”

art by Jeff Cole

by The Collected Mutineer

For fans around the world, the last few days have been full of nerves, tears, and the ending of eras. If you’ve been living under a rock, Avengers: Endgame premiered (to lots and lots of money) on Thursday night while the arguably most anticipated episode of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday night. (We’ve already covered both events here at the Collective, and they’re spoiler free for your convenience.)

Yesterday, a coworker asked me how I was feeling in the wake of these two major moments in fandom history and I realized that I didn’t know how to reply. That’s the thing about being a fan—you’re overjoyed when you get new content, but anxious about the outcome. You’re happy to see things come full circle, but never want to stop watching.

For me, these conflicting emotions are played out perfectly in “Jenny’s Song,” also known as “Jenny of Oldstones.” An important piece of ASOIAF trivia, the melody was brought to life during episode two of this season of GoT. The idea of never wanting to leave, even when all you have left are ghosts…well, if you don’t know what I mean, chances are you haven’t watched either Avengers or “The Long Night” yet. This beautiful fanvid by TheTargaryenWolf set to Florence + The Machine’s rendition of the song is relatively spoiler free, but you can just listen to the song if you want to avoid anything season 8 related.

The best part? As fans, we never really have to leave. We can rewatch and re-engage with the things we love whenever we want. Through fanvids like this one, or fanfiction like last week’s recommendation, we never truly have to say goodbye to any characters we aren’t ready to let go of yet.

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