Don’t Have Time for the 21-Movie Marathon?

By The Nerdling

I would love more than anything to dedicate the time to watch all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies before the release of Avengers: Endgame. But life is full of other things. School, work, family. We all have those chores which need to get done. So, a 21-movie marathon is out of the question unless serious planning is done.

If you are like me, you may be doing a truncated marathon. Watching only a handful of the important movies. The first Iron Man, all three Captain America’s, and all the Avengers. Maybe throw in a Guardians and/or Thor if you have time.

Watching TV

But what if you don’t have time for more than a re-watch of Infinity War before going to see Endgame? There are other, more fun ways, to play catch up.

Need a general recap because 21 movies over 11 years have left some details a little hazy? Screen Junkies has you covered. Their “Cram It” series covers each of the significant characters in the MCU and what has happened to them by the end of Infinity War.

It is heavy on the sarcasm, a little all over the place, and some jokes don’t land, but it gets the recap done.

As our loyal readers know, I spend too much time on YouTube. One of my main favorite channels is How it Should Have Ended, an animated series which satirically take on plot holes in films to show you how the movie really should have gone. Recently, the creators compiled the MCU HISHE episodes into a two-part compilation. Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel, as well as an alternate ending to Infinity War, are not apart of the compilation. Those were released after and are being saved for volume three. I linked those HISHE episodes after the compilations.

For those who don’t watch the channel, the videos do contain several in-jokes such as Darth Vader’s excitement over finding out someone is a dad, or Batman and Superman’s greatest foe, Martha. The Superhero Café featuring the two DC heroes is a massive staple of the channel and is seen at the end of any episode taking on a comic book movie. The Villain Pub, which appears in later episodes, is one of my favorite bits.

Beware, you will find yourself giggling thru a Marvel movie after a scene reminds you of something you saw on HISHE. Or randomly answering “because I’m Batman!”

Watched all the movies, but now depressed after seeing all the characters you loved get snapped? Got ya covered there too.

Alien’s Guide hosted by Garyx Wormuloid reviews Earth cinema and tries to make sense of it. Garyx doesn’t always get it right, but his insight can be pretty spot on for an alien with little to no knowledge of human culture. I’m just linking his recap of Infinity War, but Garyx has seen all of the other Marvel Movies, with the exception of Captain Marvel.

Back to HISHE and their “Dubs” series, they hilariously recap Infinity War by badly dubbing over the dialogue.

Really, who has the time to watch 21 movies? There are more ways than just a full-on marathon to get you ready for Avengers: Endgame this weekend. How are you gearing up for the final chapter in the Infinity Stone series? Let us at The Collective know in the comments section.

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