5 Feel-Good MCU Moments Before Endgame *snaps* Us

Dear Collectors,

Some of you may have already watch Avengers: Endgame. Some of you may have to wait a few days. We are watching it a few hours from now, and while we would like to say we’re ready…truthfully we are not. We decided to revisit some of the more light-hearted moments in the franchise in order to remind ourselves that sometimes there are good feels too.

So, in no particular order, enjoy these choice moments.

Lifting thor’s hammer- Age of ultron

In this scene, I am Natasha.

“Doth Your Mother Know You Weareth Her Drapes?” -The Avengers

Shakespeare in the park, anyone?

“On Your Left” & “I’m here to pick up a fossil” – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Do you know how often I yell “on your left” when I go jogging now?

“Get Help” – Thor: Ragnarok

A classic.

Scott Meets Captain America – Captain America: Civil War

I mean…I am pretty sure I’d have the same reaction as Scott.

Bonus: Fury & Goose

What’s your fav soft MCU moment? Tell us in the comments!