Star Wars Episode IX Trailer Is Here!

Y’all, it’s finally here, the end of Star Wars’ newest trilogy, and the promised culmination of everything from Episode I onward.

But before I launch into SW feels, here is the teaser trailer for Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker. 

I don’t want to launch into theories, so as a lifelong fan, I’m just gonna throw out the things that stood out to me.

  1. Rey’s New Outfit. She seems to be returning to her TFA scavenger look, but with a few changes. Episode VIII showed her in lots of grey and dark colours, probably to signify that she didn’t know quite where she stood when it comes to the Force. She’s chosen her side now, and it’s the Light. Not only that, but if you pay attention to the details of her costume, you’ll see homages to the original Star Wars Trinity: the hood is reminiscent of Leia’s senatorial dress in ANH, the holster is similar to Han’s, and, well, she has Luke’s lightsaber. Rey is pretty much the symbolism of a convergence between old SW and new. Pretty powerful symbolism.
  2. Old Friends, Familiar Places. While the desert planet could definitely be Jakku, where we first saw Rey, it could also be Jedha (which we saw in Rogue One) but given the title of the film, it is most likely Tatooine. One of the aerial shots in the trailer was awfully reminiscent of the pod-racing scene in Episode I, and while it’s unlikely that much of the prequels will get alluded to….Tatooine is the planet on which the whole SW ‘verse began, and going back would bring about the full-circle ending that us creatives love.And speaking about bringing things back….we see, and hear, a few familiar faces. These things, and others, confirm my thoughts that the scope of the new trilogy encompasses so much more than we realized, and will probably pick up threads from the original trilogy. (My SW fanboy father is going to be SO stoked for this.) Lando Calrissian is back, with Chewie by his side. We hear Luke Skywalker narrating the trailer, saying “No one is ever really gone.” We hear the laugh of Emperor Palpatine, which confirms a long-suspected theory of mine that Snoke was never the true villain in the galaxy. Most importantly, we see Leia as Luke’s voice says “We’ll always be with you.”
  3. The Music

The majority of the trailer is set to Leia’s theme music, a deliberate choice that indicates that Leia is just as much the heart of Star Wars as ever. Was I prepared for these Carrie Fisher emotions? No, and if you too miss Space Mom as much as I do, come cry with me on Twitter.

What was your response to the new SW trailer? Tell us in the comments!