Fanfic Wednesday: “Held Captive”

held captive” by fierypen37

Pairing: Jon Snow/Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
Word Count: 141,315

Author’s Summary

Upon landing in Westeros, Daenerys makes a pact with the King in the North, with interesting results. Or, in which Robb lives as King in the North and Jon is given to Daenerys as a hostage of war.

**Winner of 2017 Jonerys Fanfiction Award for Best Action**

My Thoughts

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a show has been in hiatus for years, I dive deep into the fanfiction dumpster archive to quench my need for new material. This is true of Game of Thrones, doubly so, since the final season starts in just a few days from now.

I’ve slowly been making my way through the various GoT fic archives, and while I ship many a rarepair (I’ve literally read every single Oberyn/Sansa fic), I somehow always drift back to Jon and Dany. Maybe it’s because Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke are just so goddamn beautiful, maybe it’s because their chemistry could set fire to the Seven Kingdoms…who knows?

I stumbled into “Held Captive” just before WonderCon a few weeks ago, and while I was instantly hooked, I was too busy to power through the 100,000+ word fic in one night as is my wont. Instead, I took my time, savoring each chapter, and each detail that the author brought to a canon that is so complex and rich with characters. I really appreciated the author’s characterization of Jon and Dany, as well as their portrayal of their relationship with Dany’s dragons.

But mostly, what I loved was just how gosh-darn soft and romantic Jon and Dany were with each other. Since GoT will never ever let anyone have a happy ending, ever, it was pretty much the sappiest, happiest ending I could ever wish on these characters. And, I mean, they’re the ship that literally shipped themselves soooooo…yeah, this one’s a good read if you ship Jonerys or just like long well-written fics in the GoT fandom .