Put on a Happy Face! The Joker Trailer is Perfectly Unsettling

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Entertainment
By The Nerdling

Like most of the internet, I was not sold on the idea of a movie centered around the Joker when Warner Bros announced the project some time ago. Especially after Jared Leto’s… shall we say… interesting take on the iconic character during Suicide Squad.

The Joker is a pure agent of chaos. The less you know about him the better. Giving him an origin story could effectively neuter the badassness of him. The only person who came close to giving the Joker an origin story while maintaining the aura of mystery was Alan Moore in the classic comic The Killing Joke. Considering what Suicide Squad did to the Joker, I just knew this was going to be largely mishandled.

When the first photos of Joaquin Phoenix in makeup were release, I felt myself crumble in defeat. He looked like a sad birthday clown at the end of a very long day. Not scary at all. Even with the morphing video. Add in Todd Phillips as the director and it seemed like a recipe for a disaster. Philips is a fine director and all, but not the person I would have expected to resurrect one of the best villains on the page and screen.

So imagine my shock when the first teaser poster was released.

Joker Poster
Image Courtesy of Warner Bros Entertainment

It is so simple, yet so unnerving. Phoenix’s Joker looked like a deranged birthday clown at the end of a rampage. I found myself become cautiously optimistic. Joker could be worth giving a shot. Then came the teaser. Y’all, I’m sold.


Jimmy Durante croons “Smile” as Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck tells us “I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize… it’s a comedy.”  We watch Arthur as he begins to spiral in 1970’s Gotham. Joker invokes a feeling of Taxi Driver mixed with The Killing Joke. A failed comedian dealing with mental illness, down on his luck, and pushed to the limit.

Phoenix is front and center, but there are glimpses of other major characters. Francis Conroy as Penny Fleck, Arthur’s mother. Zazie Beetz, a single mother and Arthur’s love interest. Brett Cullen’s Thomas Wayne who is described as very Trump-like.  Dante Pereira-Olson’s young Bruce Wayne. Robert DeNiro’s late night talk show host who may have something to do with Arthur’s failed career at stand-up comedy. There is even hints of the infamous Joker laugh, but I’m kind of hoping that is going to get fine-tuned in post.

Gotham looks like a gritty, pre-Giuliani New York. A place where the air is barely breathable, trash litters the streets, and porn shops and cracked out hookers are on every corner. The movie looks like 70’s era Martin Scorsese. The perfect birth place for the Batman.

From what I’ve seen so far, this could be another iconic take on a legendary comic book villain. It would not be a stretch to say I’m excited for Joker. Leave it to Phillips and Warner Bros to make me eat my skepticism.


Joker hits U.S. theaters October 4th.

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