Fanfic Wednesday: An Intellectual Curiosity

An Intellectual Curiosity by TomatoBookworm

Pairing: Jemma Simmons/Leo Fitz
Word Count: 12,719
Warnings: Underage

FitzSimmons Peck on the Cheek

Author’s Summary:

“Simmons!” Fitz sputtered. “I am not going to have sex with you just because I won’t end up in jail for doing it!”

“Why not?” Jemma demanded. “You said I will be great at it. Were you lying to spare my feelings?”

“Yes? No? I don’t know?” Fitz squeaked. “I don’t actively think about whether or not you will be great at sex! I was just agreeing with you because you were upset!”

Jemma Simmons wanted to understand the fuss about sex. Too bad her lab partner and best friend refused to help her satisfy her curiosity.

My Thoughts:

With the announcement over the weekend Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be returning to our TVs May 10th, I just knew I wanted to post up this adorable piece of FitzSimmons fluff. The series has long tortured fans of the couple and I know the upcoming 6th season would be no different. I don’t know about any other AoS fans, but the first few episodes are probably going to be difficult until Fitz is found and decanted. I’ll probably rec more FitzSimmons fluff once the series gets going. I know we are going to need it.

FitzSimmons Being Adorable

The fanfic takes place at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy not long after Fitz and Simmons have started school. It also diverges from canon, having the two hooking up long before they FINALLY got together in season 3.

The author does a really great job in recapturing how much Jemma used to over-think and over-analyze any social constructs. I could 100% see her doing the same when it comes to wanting to lose her virginity. And now I want to go back and re-watch the first season.

Happy Reading
-The Nerdling