Falling Down the YouTube Hole, Part 2

By The Nerdling

By request, more YouTube channels to suck you into the vortex of time wasting! In case you missed it, here is part one of my favorite channels to spend hours killing time usually reserved for other important things. Like homework. Or writing.

And yes, most of these channels are quite popular, just as in the last writeup. That doesn’t mean they are not thoroughly enjoyable.

Down the hole we go!


I’m such a film nerd. I could spend hours watching analyzing (and over-analyzing) movies and TV. There are so many channels which do this out there, but Wisecrack is among the better ones. The channel breaks down the philosophies of shows like South Park, Rick & Morty, as well as popular characters such as Deadpool and Darth Vader. But it is more than just film, TV, and video games. Wisecrack also has video essays taking a look at historical events, pop culture influencers, and science.

Safiya Nygaard

The former content creator for BuzzFeed struck out on her own doing fun, yet very educational, things for our entertainment. Her series, The Internet Made Me Buy It, has her buying products sponsored by Instagram influencers or testing products from the ever-dubious Wish.com. Safiya also takes on various beauty challenges trending at the moment with hilarious results.

Safiya’s videos (especially the most recent ones) are on the long side, but I have really come to appreciate the amount of due diligence she puts in to being a guinea pig for her viewer’s benefit.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

I am a big fan of Jane Austin’s Pride & Prejudice. In my opinion, it is the best romance book out there and features one of the best romantic heroines of modern times. I also enjoy many of the interpretations and reimaginings of the great novel. Hence the P&P themed Fanfic Wednesdays you see from me.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries might be the best modern interpretation of the novel out there. The Emmy award winning series was created by Hank Green and Burnie Su. Over the course of 100 episodes (not including the various Q&A eps), we watch Lizzie Bennet, 20-something grad student making a vlog for her Mass Communications final thesis. In her “vlog”, we meet her two sisters, Jane and Lydia, and her bestie Charlotte Lu, along with the majority of the cast of characters from the novel. The three sisters deal with family debt, finding work after finishing school, falling in love, and all the complications that come with it.

You will notice some of the gifs I use for my P&P fanfic come from LDB. And you might recognize a certain gentleman from another YouTube channel I have recommended here.

Also be sure to check out the companion channels TheLydiaBennet and Domino: Gigi Darcy, which rounds out areas of the main story we don’t see on LDB. Maria Lu and Collins and Collins are also great ways of expanding this world built by Green and Su.


Those Pinterest threads and DIY projects you see all through the internet are taken on by Corinne and Rob. The married couple usually manages to make whatever it is they have challenged themselves to create, but there are many hilarious failures along the way. And lots of booze and wine. And sometimes blood.

As a nice bonus, Rob and Corinne frequently appear on Simply Nailogical’s channel. Cristine and BEYNN pop up in a few videos here as well.

My fellow YouTube dwellers, are there any channels you recommend falling down the time wasting vortex with? Do you usually enjoy watching shopping hauls, movie breakdowns, or DIY projects? If so, let us at The Collective know in the comments section below.

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