Dear Netflix: You Done Us (And ODAAT) Wrong

By the Collectress

Dear Netflix,

I started watching a show the other day, one about a modern American family that made me laugh, made me cry, and made me remember how television can bring people together and remind us of what’s important.

It told me the story of a single mom trying to do right by her two children. It told me the story of a Cuban immigrant who made a new home, and a new life, in the United States. It told me the story of a queer teenage girl learning who she was. It told me the story of a young teenage boy learning how to be a good man. It told me the story of a veteran struggling with PTSD.

It told these stories, and so many more, in a way that not only respected the characters’ struggles, but gave them a chance to overcome them and to celebrate their victories .

And yet, I’m disappointed.

“Why?” you ask.

Well, imagine finding a show, falling in love with a show, and finding out it’s cancelled all in the same day. It’s a tragic love story that’s been oft repeated in Hollywood; it’s the doomed-from-the-start viewer/tv series relationship that ends in heartbreak for the followers of any show that cannot meet its “bottom line.”

(It’s a seemingly arbitrary line, considering some shows are grossly over-promoted *cough* Friends reruns *cough*, while others are barely pushed toward potential viewers.)

So, yes, I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed that I’ve fallen in love with a show that gives me all the comedy, diversity, and feels I could hope for and yet I have no hope for a fourth season.

Netflix, you done us wrong. You gave us hope that a sitcom could be *more* than what we’ve come to expect, and then you just threw it away. It’s like getting a taste of the best ropa vieja you’ve ever had, and then someone taking the plate away (while the food is still warm and fresh) and dumping it in the garbage.

Given all the other shows that you (Netflix) have axed lately (*cough* the Marvel shows *cough*), I guess we really shouldn’t be surprised. But, Netflix, I’ve been the girlfriend who sticks around, hoping that you’ll change, hoping that you’ll continue to renew my favs.

Netflix, I’m done waiting.

I may be late to the One Day At A Time fandom, but damn it, I am going to share the hell out of this show in hopes that a network will pick up this little comedy because it deserves to continue.

If you haven’t seen this show yet, please check it out on Netflix before they go total crazy ex and throw out all the memory boxes of polaroids. (I’m not bitter…much).

(If you’re keen to save this show, please sign this petition, and TWEET with the hashtag #SaveODAAT!)