Fanfic Wednesday: Connect-the-Dots

Connect-the-dots” by

Pairing: The Doctor/Rose Tyler
Word Count: 17,176

Author’s Summary:

Rose Tyler has a soul mark. The Doctor does not. Consequently, he knows where they stand. Then he regenerates on Christmas, and he suddenly doesn’t know anything at all.

My Thoughts:

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It’s been many years since I delved into the world of Doctor Who fanfiction. But after binging series 1-9, I knew it was time to conduct a new search for Ten/Rose stories. Enter “Connect-the-Dots.” This fic combines everything I love about the soul mark trope and the relationship between the Doctor and Rose. Humans have soul marks, but Timelords don’t. So when the Doctor realizes that Rose has one, he’s certain that they aren’t meant to be together despite his feelings—after all, she belongs with someone she just hasn’t met yet, right? But when Nine turns into Ten…well, things change. Timelords aren’t supposed to have Matches, and yet his new skin bears the same mark as Rose. Cue angsty UST followed by pure adorableness. Yes, adorableness. I love them, okay??

If you’re a sucker for soulmate fics, Rose’s adventures with the Doctor, or stories that span multiple Doctor incarnations, then give this story a try! (Don’t worry, it ends much more happily than their arc in the show.)

Happy Reading
-The Collected Mutineer