A Cup of Positivi-tea with The TeaBook

by The Collected Mutineer

We love a lot of things here at the Collective, but there are two things fairly high on that list that we particularly enjoy. Equality and tea.

Yes, this editorial is about those two things in unison. (I would lay claim to the clever combination “EQUALITEA”, but the focus of this piece has already done that.) Two years ago, we stumbled across that term for the first time when we encountered The TeaBook at a local convention. Co-creator Noah Bleich (aka the company’s head tea drinker) was running a massive booth featuring tea blends with the best names you’ve ever heard. Needless to say, as history and literature nerds, both the Collectress and I were hooked before you could say “ShakeSpearmint.”

The TeaBook at LBCE 2019

Teas range from caffeinated blends like Earl Grey to herbal concoctions of chamomile or mint. Though it sounds ordinary on the surface, Noah and his team have taken tea-drinking to another level: in their own words, they’re the first company to put the “Art In Artisan Teas.” The first clue to said artistry is the names, like ImPeachMint, AraMINTa Ross, and FredTea Mercury: Bohemian Raspberry. But the awesomeness doesn’t stop there. Each tea has a corresponding piece of artwork created by various artists to help represent the icon who inspired each and every blend.

ImPeachMint Art by Daniel Orozco

And what’s better than drinking yummy tea and admiring cool art? The TeaBook also encourages self-awareness, bringing an end to hatred, and (you guessed it) equality for all people. The company takes a firm stance in other areas too, like sustainability, ethical standards, and zero-waste production.

It might seem odd at first to think about world-changing tea. But companies like Noah’s are at the forefront of real impact on so many fronts. They provide a platform for artists in a society where art is often thought of as unnecessary (I’m looking at you, US public schools). They set examples for other sustainable, zero-waste companies in a world where climate change is still laughed at by politicians and citizens alike. They encourage debate, discussion, and action in politics that not only affect you but the people around you. And yes, the tea truly is delicious.

Co-founder Noah. Yes, he is dressed as a tea bag.

The TeaBook is a frequent booth at Southern California conventions, but you can also purchase their teas online (as well as a nifty book to keep them in and adorable reusable tote bags). Here’s a quick rundown of our top five faves for you to try first:

1.) FredTea Mercury: Bohemian Raspberry

2.) ImPeachMint

3.) Mark Twainquility

4.) Chaikovsky

5.) Marie Curie: Radiant Hibiscus 

P.S. Noah is so awesome that when we told him we were saving our sachets of ImPeachMint for when Trump is inevitably impeached, he gave us free samples so that we could try it early. Thanks, Noah!