Thoughtful Tuesday: Lessons from Donna and the Doctor

by The Collected Mutineer

Maybe it’s because the Collective team just attended Gallifrey One this last weekend, but I’ve been an emotional wreck about my favorite companion for the last few days. It’s safe to say that every Whovian and Wholigan out there has a favorite sidekick, and Donna Noble is mine by a long-shot. That isn’t to say that I don’t love other companions for their own specific reasons—but from the beginning, there was something about Donna that resonated with me as a female viewer in a way that no one else on Doctor Who ever has.

As I sat down this morning to try to come up with something for Thoughtful Tuesday, the only thing I could think of was how much Donna’s time on the show taught me. Although she only traveled with the Doctor for one series, her determination, wit, and personal growth are lessons I have carried with me over the last several years. Donna didn’t grow up with a crack in her wall, and she wasn’t an “impossible” girl—by her own account, she was nothing special. But if Doctor Who has taught us anything, it’s that everyone is important. And Donna? Well, Donna was the most important woman in the universe.

Watch this amazing fanvid for a crash course in lessons from Donna and the Doctor. May her story inspire you to believe in yourself, to stay true to what you know is right, and most of all, to be kind.

Donna Noble | I’m Nothing Special by Margarita Life