Fanfic Wednesday: The Meet-Cute List

Happy Valentine’s Day, Collectors!

In the spirit of the day of romance, I’ve compiled a list of adorable meet-cute fics to give you all the fluff you could possibly need on a day like today. Make an appointment with your dentist, because these are so sweet you may get a cavity.

Warning…a lot of these are MCU fics because…I’m obsessed. *shrug* Sorry not sorry.

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thursdays are for lovers by ltleflrt


Author’s Summary: Castiel is a Cupid who is assigned to find true love for Dean Winchester. There’s only one problem. He’s in love with Dean.

My thoughts: Hi, hello, I’m still Destiel trash and a sappy meet-cute in which one is a cupid is completely on-brand for me.

when love comes knocking (you OUt) by itsallavengers

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

Author’s Summary: Steve really just wanted to buy some goddamn groceries. Instead, he tries to help a kid who’s managed to get lost in a Walmart parking lot and ends up being punched in the face by his irate and panicked father. Surprisingly, this doesn’t turn out as badly as it sounds.

My Thoughts: Okay, a kidfic in which Peter Parker is Tony’s son? GIMME.

the forever-nighter by wordsplat

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

Author’s Summary: When Rhodey decides that Tony’s been slacking lately and drags him along to the gym, Tony’s fully prepared to duck right back out the door the first time Rhodey turns around. Then he sees Hot Blond Guy.

My Thoughts: This actually inspired me to go to the gym.

take me for a spin by itsallavengers

Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

Author’s Summary: He’s got a new car, and it’s a fast new car, and fuck it, Tony just wants to try it out. But then, of course, some stupid cop has to pull him over and ruin everything. He’s pissed. Until he’s not. (Au in which Tony Stark is Tony Stark, and Steve Rogers is a cop on the worst shift of the night)

My Thoughts: This is beautiful and nothing hurts.

catch me, i’m falling (for you) by amusewithaview

Darcy Lewis/Sam Wilson

Author’s Summary: Darcy had always had a rather rocky relationship with gravity. Ladders were not her friends, balance was not one of her inherent skills, and she had an unfortunate tendency to trip over air. Once she was old enough to read, and understand, her soulmark, she resigned herself to a life of little accidents: You alright, ma’am? That was quite a fall. Klutziness was so ingrained in her make-up that it had made it into her soul. Joy.

My Thoughts: Would it really be a rec list from me if I didn’t include at least one soulmate AU? And this one is the cutest, most Darcy-est, fic you can imagine.

because i love you baby that’s no lie by tardisistheonlywaytotravel

Darcy Lewis/Natasha Romanov

Author’s Summary: People take one look at Darcy, in her patterned scarves and hipster glasses and colourful knits and usually think that she’s the sort of flighty, flaky person who goes dancing in the rain and never meets a deadline and is at least 10% less smart than she actually is.Which is why when she meets Natasha Romanov, who looks Darcy up and down with eyes that actually seem to see her and says, “It’s nice to meet you,” Darcy is absolutely lost.

My Thoughts: I…didn’t know I shipped this, but now I do. Actually, I ship Darcy with everyone, but I guess especially Natasha?

stiles stilinksi, boyfriend extraordinaire by mereloup

Stiles Stilinksi/Derek Hale

Author’s Summary: Stiles never imagined he’d be in Derek’s kitchen cooking a surprise dinner with Derek’s family while they waited for Derek to get home from work. Partly because their visit was a complete surprise. But mostly because Stiles didn’t have a boyfriend. Or even know who Derek was. But he’d already come this far and Papa didn’t raise no quitter!

My Thoughts: This could only ever happen to Stiles, and while it sounds completely unbelievable, it ends up being totally on brand for them. And ridiculously cute.

an archive of longings by beeeskneees

John Watson/Sherlock Holmes

Author’s Summary: As a general rule, Sherlock avoids his university’s library. That is, until he goes in there one day and lays eyes on rugby captain John Watson. After that, Sherlock decides that the library might not be such a bad place after all.

My Thoughts: Just picture John in a rugby uniform. Or John baking for Sherlock. Or John and Sherlock holding hands. Feeling the cute yet? It’s all in this fic. You’re welcome.

chocolate, raspberry, cinnamon by cydonic

Clarke Griffin/Lexa

Author’s Summary: All Lexa knows is the girl in her store is not-Clark/Klark/Clarck/Claaaaark, and she has the strangest order. Oh, and she’s pretty hot when she’s mad, which is most of the time. (coffee shop!au wherein Clarke only orders when she’s in a bad mood and she won’t tell Lexa how to spell her name)

My Thoughts: This fic is almost as sweet as the hot chocolate that Lexa makes for Clarke.

fell at disneyland (and i got this to show for it) by mslane

Beca Mitchell/Chloe

Author’s Summary: Beca Mitchell, a successful DJ/music producer is many things. Hot, sassy, sarcastic, a musical genius. But is she someone who’d willingly go to Disneyland? She most certainly is not. Chloe Beale, a passionate Disney Princess face character, loves kids and singing, and finds nothing more gratifying than seeing people’s happy faces when they run up to meet her.Until of course she sees Beca, who looks positively grumpy, which makes Chloe take it as her own personal mission to turn that frown upside down.

My Thoughts: Of COURSE Chloe would be a Disney Princess. It’s so cute it almost hurts.

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