#MotivationMonday: Grandmother Willow’s Wisdom

Cr: Junesketch

When people would ask me, “Who is your favorite Disney character?” I never gave it much thought, and would usually offer the first character I could pull from memory. This question was recently presented to me again. But this time, while pondering my real answer, I realized I’ve been sitting beneath the truth the entire time—Grandmother Willow. (Ursula, however, will remain in my top 3.)

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Everyone needs a Grandmother Willow in their yard. She is a source of protective, timeless wisdom you can rest under when life becomes completely overwhelming. And for me, that’s exactly what life has felt like. But if I had a Grandmother Willow in my yard, I feel like she’d tell me, “It’s okay to rest,” and, “You already have all the power and answers you need within you.” Oh, grandmaaa. Always providing those comforting words and embrace, before I knew I even needed them.


I don’t have a Grandmother Willow in my yard unfortunately, but I do have a small garden. And everyday it teaches me how even small things can be extremely powerful. How life can adapt and thrive, within elements capable of causing damage or destruction. And how, with a little nurturing care, growth and beauty can flourish.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed like I am, and are in need of shelter and rejuvenation, consider the peaceful wisdom Grandmother Willow offers. Take some time this week to rest, even if it may only be for those few, tiny minutes. Find a place that subdues the raucous of the world, and send yourself (and this globe) some much needed love.