Fanfic Wednesday: “they tumble down”

they tumble down” by 

Pairing: Sansa Stark/Jon Snow
Word Count: 165,196
Warnings: NSFW

Author’s Summary:

He meets her gaze for the shortest moment before turning to look out over the woods, gesturing at it with a gloved hand. “Is this why you brought me here? To talk about memories?”

“No. I wanted to talk about marriage.”

When Sansa suggests it’s time for her and Jon to marry, she means they should make marriage alliances with the other Northern houses. Jon, though, assumes she means they should marry each other.

A post s7 story where Jon and Sansa struggle to navigate their new political landscape while suppressing their feelings for one another, Arya does everything in her power to protect her pack, and Bran and Sam try to figure out how to kill the Night King.

My Thoughts:

When I first entered the realm of Game of Thrones fanfiction, I was irritated to discover that although I was primarily interested in Jon/Daenerys stories I kept finding Jon/Sansa pairings. While I was pretty certain that R + L = J, I still thought of Jon and Sansa as siblings and the thought of Stark-cest was just…ew. I staunchly avoided those tags, sticking to the Jon and Dany fics (even though so, so many of them aren’t actually that good). But somehow, a few weeks ago, I stumbled across this novel-length beauty. Though it was a pairing I swore I’d never read, I got sucked in and well, here we are.

Beginning just after the end of season 7 of GOT, “they tumble down” explores what might happen if Sansa and Jon were to discuss marriage with each other in order to keep the Northern lords happy in the wake of Daenerys’ arrival at Winterfell. Full of unresolved sexual tension, political alliances, and just enough drama to make it feel like a true GRRM tale, it was just enough to help tide me over until the final season of GOT premieres in April. Also, Jon and Sansa are so cute together; how did I not see it before??

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-The Collected Mutineer